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July (No. 618)


The July issue.
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Business & technology

  • Genetic testing now available for French oak
  • The key to exporting successfully to China


  • Analytical Services
  • Design as Strategy
  • Irrigation
  • Pruning
  • Training & Trellising


  • A smartphone app could help growers optimise vine balance
  • Assessing bud fruitfulness in frost-affected Barossa vineyards
  • Aussie growers love of ‘bent wire’ spells good news
  • Big turnout at Barossa Pruning Expo
  • Developments in destemming and sorting technology
  • Everyday monitoring of stem water potential for decision making in irrigation of grapevines
  • Overcoming bushfire smoke taint
  • Pruning: Designed to meet the challenge
  • Tasmanian fellowship support for sustainable winegrowing
  • The effect of climate change
  • Young Guns: The Duffy duo


  • Bray attains Hunter Valley legend status
  • Meet the new Future Leaders
  • Movers & shakers
  • My View: You are in for one hell of a ride
  • On the grapevine
  • People & Places: Game of Rhones
  • Regional Roundup: NZ North Island
  • The letter that shocked the wine industry

Sales & Marketing

  • 300 wineries across three warehouses
  • Proud wine industry supplier
  • Roundtable: Design as strategy
  • WINE is coming


  • Ageing wine in an IBC
  • Terroir and subregionality
  • The last chance to get your wine right: Pre-bottling analysis

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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