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July (No. 606)


The July issue.
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Business & Technology

  • On-Premise: So many markets, so many decisions
  • Top tips for keeping your workplace out of the danger zone


  • Analytical services
  • Frost
  • Pruning
  • Spraying
  • Trellising


  • Benchmarking Shiraz production in Victoria
  • Cover crops and vineyard floor temperature
  • Managing to get down and dirty
  • My grapevines are frosted – what now?
  • Oxygation of irrigation water boosts vine performance
  • Pruning – the future may be back to the past
  • Pruning without the pain
  • Smart way to grow your vines and your bank balance too
  • Stop bunch rot and all other nasties
  • Young guns – the dropout who picked up a stellar career


  • 1000 ways to cap your day
  • 15 reasons to sell your wine business
  • Barossa stages first pruning expo
  • Better solutions for better ID, better inspection, better costs
  • Bringing the cellar to your door
  • My View – Let’s face it, that commodity’s called wine
  • Regional Roundup – New Zealand’s North Island
  • The doctor’s in – and so is the cork


  • Do you really know what levels of trace metals are in your wine?
  • French winemaker, German press, Tasmanian classic
  • Prevention is best option for mousy off-flavour in wine
  • Standing out at the big end of town
  • Turning to water to turn it into wine

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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