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December (No. 503)


The December issue.
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australian wine business

  • Good business sense to maintain flexibility
  • How to stave off financial stress in redundancy
  • Wanted: Aussie wine expertise for Argentina trade show

bird control

  • Birds are the subject of a new book for Grapegrowers

contract winemaking

  • Master Winemakers aim for the best drop
  • Simpatico specialises in fruit to bottle service


  • Where to next?


  • Ben Rose: Real Viticulture
  • Heathcote Vineyard goes on the market
  • Observations from a tour of overseas rootstock programs


  • Education is the key to wine industry future
  • Hunter heads regional survey findings

New Zealand

  • Creating a "sense of place" through precision viticulture
  • New Zealand prepares for summer festivals

organic grapegrowing

  • Organic viticulture - is it the future or a load of compost?

trading water

  • Issues affecting the price of irrigation water

vineyard tractors

  • Preparing machinery for vintage

wine marketing

  • Consumer household role structures and other influencing factors on wine buying and consumption
  • Grape and winegrowing trends: a global perspective
  • Yarra Valley shows oh-regionality!


  • Solving the mysteries of complex molecules
  • Suggestions for dealing with post-bottling sulfides
  • Wine industry advice is 'no' to GMO

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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