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December (No. 599)


The December issue.
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business & technology

  • ATO plans to hang WET out to dry


  • Ask the AWRI
  • Bird control
  • Bottling and packaging
  • GWRDC news
  • Oak
  • Professional services
  • Tractor buyer’s guide
  • Wine additives


  • DIY phylloxera laws go online
  • Gearing up to get on top of the next year in the vineyard
  • Healthy approach to soil quality hits pay dirt
  • Making the most of not enough water in irrigated vineyards
  • One-stop shop for virus detection and elimination


  • 50 years of Grapegrower & Winemaker
  • My View: Rise and rise of Pinot Noir
  • Regional Roundup: Down in South Australia
  • Roundtable: Wine industry sails into uncharted waters
  • Sparkling wine show almost a complete night
  • Taxman hunting WET cheats
  • Wine facing tough five-year outlook
  • Wine on its way to number one
  • survey findings

sales & marketing

  • Label Q&A: Tonia Composto
  • Square bottle. Round hole. Is it a revolution?


  • Identifying genes of oenological relevance in winemaking yeast
  • Kiwi pioneer releases first Petit Manseng
  • There’s gotta be a buck in those organic by-products
  • Wine filtration and filterability – a review and what’s new
  • Wine scientists harvest power of the Synchrotron

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



WID 2017