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October (No. 597)


The October issue.
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business & technology

  • Holy ship. Look how much wine we import
  • Plan for heat damage in transit and storage


  • Bird control
  • Bottling and packaging
  • Crushing
  • GWRDC news
  • Harvesting
  • Refrigeration
  • Transport and freight
  • Vineyard technology
  • Winery construction
  • Yeasts


  • Biochar applications in a King Valley vineyard
  • De Bortoli upgrades harvest machinery
  • Get ready to regulate your ripening
  • Healthy soils a foundation for good wine
  • Managing powdery mildew under threat of fungicide resistance
  • Talk about the pick of the crop
  • Trunk disease and cover crops at top of Queensland agenda
  • Vine Sight the industry’s hindsight


  • Grape growers refuse to be crushed
  • My view – Supermarket plan is shelved
  • National propagation standard is in business
  • Regional Roundup: Victoria
  • Roundtable – Where to now for wine?

sales & marketing

  • Glass provides a window on the future
  • New technology is a corker


  • Avoid crushing disappointment
  • Fermentation at your fingertips
  • If there's a schedule then stick to it
  • It all tastes Greek to me – or will soon
  • White wine aroma optimisation
  • Winemaker profile – Franco D’Anna

Grapegrower & Winemaker


New Holland



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