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March (No. 590)


The March issue.
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590 TOC

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business & technology

  • Peter Bailey: competitor analysis: Chile
  • The exchange rate and wine consumtion
  • Wineries urged to plan for succession


  • Barrel racks and handling
  • Bottling, labelling and packaging
  • Export, insurance and finance
  • Filtration
  • Pruning innovations


  • Ben Rose: property valuations
  • Fruit splitting of winegrape berries
  • Grapegrower in Profile: Keith Harris
  • Grower recalls family history in the vines
  • Inkwell hits the ground running
  • New Zealand wine study tour
  • Pruning innovation leads to new products


  • Global wine challenges and opportunities
  • Mornington Pinot comes a long way
  • My View: Bob Campbell
  • Regional Roundup: WA
  • Viti professor brings fresh ambitions to CSU

sales & marketing

  • Label Q&A: Alpha Box and Dice
  • Label templates to meet tight deadlines
  • US off-premise: why and what do they buy?
  • WCA: cost-effective communication


  • Modern cold stabilisation technology trial
  • Oregon vintage postcard
  • Part 2: the A-Z of wine enzymes
  • Proctase as a bentonite alternative
  • The latest in dry steam barrel cleaners
  • Winemakers forge ties with sommeliers
  • Wineries opt for crossflow filtration

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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