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February (No. 589)


The February issue.
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business & technology

  • Break into the lucrative UK market
  • Global wine export trade performances
  • Wineries target ‘appy’ customers


  • Bottling, labelling and packaging
  • I.T. and software
  • Refrigeration
  • Vineyard machinery
  • Vineyard supplies
  • Yeast & enzymes


  • Ask the AWRI: controlling Botrytis
  • Combat virus early with mealybug control
  • Magazine brings history to life for grower
  • Management of non-Botrytis bunch rots
  • Mesocarp cell death and shrivelling
  • Weather stations come a long way
  • Wine: does vine age really matter?


  • My View: George Wahby
  • Regional Roundup: South Australia, Part 2
  • Warm start bears fruit for cool regions
  • Wine producers count cost of severe heat

sales & marketing

  • Contract wine packagers form association
  • Label Q&A: Rapaura Springs
  • Marketing: image is everything
  • What influences US resellers?


  • Flavour-active wine yeasts
  • Maintenance key to vintage success
  • Part 1: the A-Z of wine enzymes
  • Refrigeration efficiency important now
  • Using ecological diversity of yeasts
  • Winemaker in profile: Wendy Cameron

Grapegrower & Winemaker


Rowe Scientific



Internation Wine Challenge

Leeder Analytical

AB Mauri

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