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November (No. 586)


The November issue.
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business & technology

  • Australian wine export market snapshot
  • Live-streaming to connect with consumers


  • Bottling and labelling
  • Filtration
  • Vineyard summer strategies
  • Winery pumps


  • Ben Rose: plant tissue analysis can assist
  • Grapegrower in Profile: Prue Henschke
  • Highlights for workshop on trunk diseases
  • Let it hang: fruit thinning not needed
  • Managing risk in difficult seasons
  • Soil nutrients essential in summer
  • Tendrils - should you remove them?
  • The United Grower
  • Treasury takes sustainability to new heights


  • Customer-value pricing for better returns
  • My view: Robin Day
  • New WET rules to affect blended wine
  • Regional Roundup: Canberra District
  • Supporting women in wine
  • Time for a new national biosecurity body
  • Wine shows strong growth on home front
  • Wine, health and the Australian context
  • Wineries hurt by online discounting

sales & marketing

  • Label Q&A: a label that charms
  • Marketing - itís about what you learn
  • Portavin expands sparkling capacity


  • By Jingo Wines
  • Celebrating the people behind the wine
  • Developing countries join bulk wine expo
  • Greg Howell: yeast-based wine additives
  • Israel: a story of renewal in an ancient land
  • Pumps - more important than you think
  • To filter or not to filter
  • US gets more access to flash extraction

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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