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October (No. 585)


The October issue.
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585 TOC

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business & technology

  • Appointments & accolades
  • Misha’s expands to a wider world
  • Wine club operators benefit from new e-commerce technology


  • Bottling and labelling
  • Previntage vineyard planning
  • Previntage winemaking preparation
  • Refrigeration
  • Yeasts and enzymes


  • Annual review of organic focus vineyards
  • Ask the AWRI – best time to harvest?
  • Burning issue: smoke impact in vineyards
  • Crop forcing improves quality in California
  • Electrostatic sprayer hits the spot
  • Improved vineyard biosecurity and hygiene
  • Planning provides for successful harvest
  • Trapping helps eradicate Indian mynas
  • Understanding vineyard chemicals


  • d’Arenberg: science from vineyard to winery
  • Industry pays tribute to Ron Potter
  • My view: Terry Morris
  • Regional Roundup: NZ, North Island
  • SAWIA environmental awards
  • South Australian crush survey 2012
  • Tax office targets wine producers
  • WFA sets agenda for change

sales & marketing

  • Label Q&A: Azahara
  • Photochemistry: impacts of bottle weight and colour
  • Port: Wine science - do we need to know?
  • Why Chinese on-premise choose the wines they carry
  • Wine from the backyard


  • Benchmarking a continuous tartrate stabilisation system
  • Cabernet explored at Margaret River
  • Impacts in wine from harvesting method
  • Innovations sought in wine microbiology
  • Low-carbon refrigeration systems
  • Making wine … or making a winery?
  • NTU vs wine filterability index
  • Pectolytic enzyme preparations compared
  • WineCloud provides future direction
  • Winemaker profile: David Lloyd

Grapegrower & Winemaker

AB Mauri



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