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Vinkem Packaging

Vinkem Packaging has been supplying quality packaging products, specifically to the wine industry, for nearly 20 years. One of our best sellers of recent times has been our high quality post pring (HQPP) carton range. It involves a print process that provides a gloss finish which in many cases is indistinguishable from litho, and is very good value for money in comparison. The process particularly favours the smaller user, with run sizes from 3000 and 5000 available for 12 and 6 pack cartons respectively. If you're interested in upgrading your carton range, introducing some speciality bags or timber boxes, or you'd just like to discuss your options, please drop us an email or give us a call.

Contact Details

Internal Sales Manager: Matthew Wootten
19 Kennington Drive
Tomago NSW 2322
T: (02) 4964 9860 | F: (02) 4964 9870

Services Offered

  • Packaging Supplies