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DM Plastics & Steel

DM Plastics and Steel have been manufacturing a wide range of viticulture products. Whether you are planning a new vineyard or upgrading your existing holdings, DM Plastics and Steel have an extensive range of unique products to build your business, solve common viticulturalists' problems, at a low cost and easy to install. DM Plastics and Steel - Viticulture range consists of: - Vinstakes (Steel) - Extensions - Suitable for attaching to wooden/steel posts - Poly Vine Spray Guard - Reusable - Prudent Trellis Clip System - Poly Wire - Tiles - Viticulture Support Products - Net Caps

Contact Details

30-34 Churchill Road North
Dry Creek SA 5094
T: (08) 8360 5777 | F: (08) 8349 5431

Services Offered

  • Vineyard Supplies


Vinstake, Poly Vine Guards, Prudent Trellis Clip, Dripline