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FMR Group

FMR Group is Australasia's leading viticulture specialist. With locations in Mount Barker, SA and Marlborough, New Zealand, we are committed to providing the viticulture industry with innovative and leading products that enable growers to manage their vineyard in an increasingly economic and efficient way. Our solutions are designed and proven for large scale viticulture but economical enough for all vineyards. Our product specialists are experienced in the field and are committed to offering you the solution that meets your requirements. Contact us now for more information and details of your closest dealer.

Contact Details

Australian Business Manager: Cam Clifford
53 Oborn Road
Mount Barker SA 5251
T: Freecall: 1800 269 773 (Aust only)
Facebook: FMR Group Limited 296273300652454
Twitter: @fmr_group

Additional Contact Information

2 Warwick Street
Blenheim  7201
New Zealand
T: Freecall: 0800 367 583 (NZ only)

Services Offered

  • Winery Equipment


ERO Grape Harvesters, ERO Canopy Management, FMR R-Series recycling sprayers, FMR V-Series Vineyard Sprayers, Binger Canopy Management, FMR Undervine Mowers, FMR Cane Sweepers, FMR Herbicide Sprayers, Weber tangential sprayer fans, Micron Enviromist CDA sprayers, Airone herbicide sprayers