Expo offers suppliers a chance to shine

IN THIS FEATURE, we bring you a concise overview of the exhibitors at the 2013 WineTech expo in Sydney, Australia's premier wine industry trade exhibition. This triennial expo will feature the very latest products, services and technology available to grape and wine producers.
Ongoing purchases of capital equipment are an essential aspect of a thriving industry. Equipment purchases offer clear signs about the growth and potential of a maturing wine sector and help to support the many people employed in the supply side of our industry.
Encouragingly, in the February 2013 Grapegrower & Winemaker readership survey, only 14% of those surveyed indicated that they would decrease their capital expenditure in the coming year. It is also interesting to note that intended purchases for the year were across a variety of products. Those intending to maintain or increase purchases indicated an intention to buy everything from tanks, presses, pumps, filtration and refrigeration equipment through to business software, computers, winery automation equipment and software and bottling lines. Also included on the intended purchases list were irrigation and sprayers and tractors, barrels, lab equipment, bird control and cellar door items.
Respondents from every state, the ACT and NZ answered a variety of questions about their intentions, with vineyard machinery and equipment and winery tanks emerging as the most popular future purchases.
On the question, 'Has seeing an advertisement in the Grapegrower & Winemaker resulted in you purchasing a product or service?' more than 60 percent said 'Yes', highlighting the practical value of the information and contact details contained in our advertisements and product reviews.
We trust that the industry will respond to the strong signals emerging - including a recent dip in the Australian dollar - as the world moves into a new phase of supply and demand for premium wine products.
At the 2012 Wine Outlook Conference, Nielsen forecast increased consumer confidence from three-year lows being reflected in better off-premise sales in the next year.
During a presentation titled, 'The change agenda for Australian wine consumers,' Michael Walton, executive director of consumer and business intelligence Pacific for Nielsen, also highlighted some positive insights of Australian wine from a global perspective.
'For anyone wearing their exporter's cap, all the big macro trends in the world economy actually point in our favour,' Walton said.
'We have a dramatically increasing middle class - a very strong target market for wine consumption, particularly premium wine consumption.'
Another positive finding highlighted by Walton was the growth of Australian family-owned wine brands in the off-premise sector.
Walton said the future looks positive for Australian wine, with signs pointing to greater consumer confidence and modest growth of family-owned wine companies.
Senior analyst at Rabobank, Marc Soccio said the arduous process of lifting Australian wine brands into higher price points is in train around the world and success is critical to restoring value to the supply chain.
'While the high Australian dollar has provided the catalyst, reduced supply-side pressure has provided an environment whereby producers can focus more intently on higher value markets, channels and segments,' Soccio said.
'Looking well ahead, further penetrating the on-premise channel remains one of Australian wine's greatest challenges and opportunities in the global marketplace. While in the more immediate future, a cyclical dip in global wine supply may be sufficient to open up new opportunities for high-volume, low-value wine suppliers.'
Grapegrower & Winemaker magazine is proud to be the conduit between suppliers and vineyards and wineries. We trust that you will find this Winetech feature informative.

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