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News posted on Monday, 30 November 2015

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The latest innovative product to come out of Polo Citrus Australia is its new long term dust suppressant product for roads and unsealed surfaces, ROAD CON! This product is not just for the big multinational giants in the mining game, it’s for the everyday person with a dust problem on a road or unsealed surface.

Kate Radburnd wins NZ wine growers fellowship
The best of New Zealand wine is yet to come and will flow from a mix of tradition and technology. That's the view of winemaker Kate Radburnd who has been chosen to receive this year's New Zealand Wine Growers Fellowship. She is the first female winemaker to receive the award, which recognises dedication and influence in the industry. The head winemaker and managing director for Hawke's Bay's Pask winery, Radburnd has been working in the male-dominated industry for over 30 years.

Marlborough wine clean up at Air New Zealand Awards
A strong showing in the country's most prestigious wine awards shows there is more to Marlborough than its flagship Sauvignon Blanc. While the top prize at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards, held in Nelson on Saturday night, went to a Hawke's Bay Syrah, Marlborough wines took out nine of the 18 trophies, 19 of the 36 pure elite gold medals and the only elite gold medal awarded.

Young women key to China wine rise
China’s imported wine drinking population has doubled since 2012, and the new consumers are mainly under 30 and female. According to a Wine Intelligence study, China’s urban middle class imported wine drinkers totals 38 million people, up from 19 million three years ago, representing a rise of 100% since 2012. Chuan Zhou, who handles Wine Intelligence projects in China, explained during a seminar at ProWine in Shanghai recently, that this figure comprised people who drink imported wine at least twice a year.

As the heat rises, the wines are a-changing
PARIS - It's a $200 billion industry that prides itself on being rooted to a particular spot and doing things the way they've always been done. But global warming is forcing the world's wine growers to change. As a U.N. conference in Paris next week tries to limit climate change, wine makers from France to Australia are already changing their time-honoured methods, or even uprooting whole vineyards, as long-established weather patterns alter and the temperature rises.

With Indigenous grapes, Israel breaks new ground in wine industry
HEFER VALLEY, Israel — The new crisp, acidic and mineral white from a high-end Israeli winery was aged for eight months — or, depending on how you look at it, at least 1,800 years. The wine, called Marawi and released last month by Recanati Winery, is the first commercially produced by Israel’s growing modern industry from indigenous grapes. It grew out of a ground-breaking project at Ariel University in the occupied West Bank.

Global wine stars join Decanter for Shanghai Fine Wine Encounter
China's wine lovers were out in force at the Decanter Shanghai Fine Wine Encounter over the weekend, tasting an array of top vintages from some of the world's best producers in glamorous surroundings. More than 1,200 wine lovers came to the Ritz-Carlton in Pudong on Saturday 28 November to learn more about the world’s major wine region, taste mature vintages and get photos with their favourite producers in splendidly ornate surroundings.

Farmer attitudes to climate change across generations
The nation's farmers could be considered the sentinels of climate change; they are more attuned than most to long-term changes in weather patterns. But many of them are yet to be convinced that man-made climate change is real, arguing that floods and droughts are cyclical and extreme temperatures are nothing new.

Great potential for Australian bulk wine in China
Bulk wine producer Winegrapes Australia is stepping up its focus on Asia, where its winemaker believes there is “more enthusiasm” for Australian wine and opportunities to achieve greater success in the short term. Speaking to the drinks business at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition in Amsterdam this week, winemaker Peter Flewellyn highlighted China as a market that was showing a lot of potential for Australian winemakers.

Chronological milestone for winemaking
FORTY years in and wine science education is still going strong at Charles Sturt University (CSU), Wagga. Some 1000 or more aspiring winemakers have learned the craft at Wagga. And the industry – known for it’s fickleness and price fluctuation – has experienced huge ups and downs. But according to CSU’s School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences Professor Christopher Steel its a chronological milestone worth celebrating.

Blieschke joins Torbreck
Torbreck Vintners have recently announced the appointment of Nigel Blieschke as their new Viticulturist. Blieschke brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and business acumen to this newly appointed senior role having previously been Viticulturist for Peter Lehmann Wines and Viticulturist & Nursery Manager for Yalumba Wines.

Final issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal for the year just released
The last issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal for 2015 has just been released and its theme of risk management couldn’t be more timely with the 2016 Australian vintage on the horizon. Among those authors to sink their teeth into the theme of risk management in this issue is regular contributor Cathy Howard, who looks at what grape and wine business owners can do to manage and minimise the risks associated with growing and selling grapes or making wine.

Breakout the Champers – American barbecue changes British wine
Listings of US wine on UK wine lists have doubled in the last year. This according to Wine On-Premise UK 2015, which has just been released. With Texas barbecue and Southern food being the biggest trend in food globally, the US has never had more wine listings in the UK. And it’s not just popular brands that are benefiting. There has never been more high-end Napa Cabernet, Oregon Pinot and Washington Riesling on wine lists than there is today.





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