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News posted on Thursday, 30 March 2017

Describing a wine’s taste is a tricky task
The evidence from the initial Australia study suggests Australian consumers are more influenced by style and flavour descriptions on shelves or wine labels than they are by shop staff recommendations, and whether or not the wine has won a medal or award.

Wine education partnership
To further accelerate wine industry education, innovation and research, a new partnership has been formally announced between the University of Adelaide in South Australia, and KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux, France.

Angove Wines to convert to organic vineyards
Angove Family Winemakers have confirmed they are committed to converting all of their vineyards to organic over the years ahead. Jonathan O’Neill, Angove regional export manager, told TheShout the business is recording double-digit growth from the organic wine category and the move to complete conversion makes good commercial sense as well as delivering sensible sustainable outcomes.

Cracka Wines to make some noise
In 2010 founder and CEO of Cracka Wines Dean Taylor told his peers: “I just want to build a business that sells cracker wines!” The company has remained one of the pioneers and a key player in the Australian online wine retail industry, and despite being quiet in the past couple years, which has seen the rise of competitors such as Get Wines Direct and Vinomofo make traction, Taylor says the race is far from over.

Riverina left out of cellar door awards
A leading consumer wine magazine has accidentally left the biggest wine producing region in NSW out of their annual cellar door awards. According to a statement from the region, the Riverina cellar door managers had been waiting to see the announcement of the Gourmet Traveller WINE's ‘best cellar door awards’ this week.

Pinot Noir 2017 review: Evolution
As chair of the third day of Pinot Noir 2017, Emma Jenkins MW explained that evolution cannot happen unless you have already embraced and explored. “I think the wine industry is quite prone to the 'Emperor’s new clothes' scenario. We have to be careful to guard against that and make sure we don’t end up becoming as rigid as some of the people we are trying to rebel against.”

Harvesters on highway: 'Recipe for disaster'
Harvesters and highways don't mix at the best of times, never mind when it's the South Island's "white knuckle highway". Dairy farmer Evan White says traffic along State Highway 63 is already a "rat race" and will struggle with slow-moving grape harvesters added to the mix.

How do you feel about wine cans?
They’ve been creeping into the market place, and they’re not going away. There’s room for Chateau Margaux, and there’s room for wine in cans. In a can, it’s all about convenience, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. Someday most of us will all look back and wonder what was the big deal?

Target's new stores to include wine
Just when you thought your shopping trips couldn't get any more efficient, Target has announced plans to launch a new concept store near Houston which will include a dedicated wine and beer shop. The store, located in Richmond, Texas, will act as the pilot for the discount-retailer's "next generation" of outlets, said Target chairman and CEO Brian Cornell.

The economics of Red Blotch
Red blotch is a confounding disease in grapevines. There’s the calling card reddening of lower leaves of a vine, fruit that ripens improperly, poor fruit colour, and sub-optimal fruit quality with higher acidity and lower Brix, but those could easily be mistaken for stress, nutritional disorders, or even leafroll. Once a vine has a positive diagnosis, there is no cure for red blotch.

South African wine producers target China
While the top five export destinations for packaged South African wine exports are still in the West – the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and the USA – China is becoming increasingly important as an export destination. “China is currently South Africa’s sixth largest export market for packaged wines by volume, and the largest in the Asian region, accounting for around 9.46m litres [in 2016].”





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