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News posted on Friday, 30 March 2007

Richard Smart inducted into NZ Wine Hall of Fame
Dr Richard smart was recently inducted into the New Zealand Wine Hall of Fame during the Royal Easter Show Wine Awards in Auckland.

Voyager Estate viticultural team takes out inaugural award
Voyager Estate has been named the first recipient of the 2006/07 Viticultural Excellence award.

Applications open for Wine Press Club 2007 Fellowship grant
The Wine Press Club of NSW is seeking applications for the $7,500 biennial Fellowship grant.

Wastewater management will be refined
Winemakers are seeking guidance that will help establish wastewater treatment systems that are appropriate for specific sites and operational circumstances.

Audit seeks the finer detail
Following the national survey of winery wastewater practices, an investigation of characteristics of water at each stage of use and treatment is now underway.

Study unlocks potential of adaptive evolution to produce hardy yeast
Availability of commercial winemaking yeasts with an improved capacity to endure difficult conditions may be the eventual outcome of current research which applies the technique of adaptive (or directed) evolution.

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