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News posted on Thursday, 29 September 2016

South Australia’s rising number of female winemakers find success and encourage more women to join industry
Women winemakers are on the rise in South Australia. At a time when the state is facing decline in traditionally male-dominated fields such as manufacturing, women are finding success among the vines and encouraging others to join the industry.

Climate change is drying out parts of southern Australia, study warns
Climate change is having a damaging effect in Australia as shifting Antarctic winds dry out southern parts of the country, new research suggests.

Government proposes reforms for South Australia’s liquor laws
SOUTH Australia’s liquor laws have hardly changed over the past two decades. Now the State Government is proposing a raft of reforms to modernise the way we all enjoy a drink.

Dream job? SIA’s wine panelist Jeannie Cho Lee on selecting vino
Jeannie Cho Lee is one of three people charged with choosing what wines will appear on board Singapore Airlines’ flights. She is Asia’s first Master of Wine and is also an award-winning author, wine critic, judge and educator. She was born in South Korea and has lived in Hong Kong since early 1994.

Farmers hope foreign-owned farm register will ease investment concerns
Australia peak farm lobby hopes the release of a foreign-owned farm register will allay concerns about Chinese investment.

Rising temperatures could have Marlborough winemakers seeing red
Marlborough is known for its sauvignon blanc, but reds could be the order of the day if global temperatures continue to climb. Plant and Food scientist Mike Trought said increasing temperatures might change the areas particular grape varieties could be grown.

Rod Phillips: I’ll stick to blending words, not wines
Last week I did a wine-blending exercise with Anthony Walkenhorst, winemaker at Kim Crawford winery in Marlborough, New Zealand, while he was visiting Ottawa.

Wine industry leaders optimistic as millennials opt for premium wines
Millennials, whose baby boomer parents were the first generation of U.S. premium wine drinkers, are consuming more and higher-value wines, driven by a thirst for quality, new experiences and information-sharing, according to wine industry leaders surveyed by UC Davis.

Meet the 8 ambitious upstarts redefining Napa Valley wine
SCOUTING THE latest must-taste wine projects is a serious Napa Valley sport, and I play the game every time I visit.

Creation pushing to make south african vineyards virus-free
South Africa’s farmers must work together on virus control if high-quality grape production is to be sustained, according to Carolyn Martin of Creation Wines.

The grape is nature's original smack pack. Inside each sturdy package is all the sugar required to make wine, and outside is the yeast needed to ferment that sugar. All you've got to do is break the grape.





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