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News posted on Monday, 29 May 2017

Aldi rose wins at IWC awards
An Aldi rosé wine that sells for just £5.99 has been ranked one of the best in the world after beating other bottles three times the price. The Exquisite Collection Côtes De Provence 2016 was among the budget retailer’s six silver medal winners at The International Wine Challenge – dubbed the Oscars of the wine industry. Source, The Sun.

The dwindling wine industry
Bigger wineries are getting bigger while the small ones could get either acquired or become contract manufacturers for them. The overall health of the wine industry is not all that good with a mismatch between supply and demand. Source, India Times.

Chinese investment brings boom to Cali
Southern California is famous for its sun, sand and surf. But when it comes to fine wines, most people turn north to world-renowned areas like the Napa Valley. There is, however, another lesser known wine region outside of Los Angeles that’s quickly gaining attention from wine lovers and, more importantly, investors – many of them from China. Source, CGTN America.

A new age for Virginia wines
Sommelier Jason Tesauro opens up a few bottles in the name of research and reports on experiments with ageing Virginia wines. "It’s one thing to be the new kid on the block, but to join the pantheon of great wine regions, Virginia needs more than ratings and proficiency." Source, Decanter.

Church Road Winery celebrates 120 years
How to help celebrate 120 years since the first vines were planted was not a difficult decision for the Church Road Winery crew. They turned to Tom McDonald, who had been the driving force behind what is today one of the oldest wineries in New Zealand, for almost half a century. Source, New Zealand Herald.

Tractor sales steady primary industry
Sales of tractors are remaining steady in the year to date compared to last year, demonstrating continuing confidence within the primary industry, says NZ Tractor and Machinery Association (TAMA) Vice President, Roger Nehoff. Source, Scoop.

Champagne Jayne wins
Wine writer and educator Jayne Powell has won a protracted five-year legal battle to use the moniker “Champagne Jayne” as her official trademark. The divisive legal dispute between Powell and the Comité Champagne came to a head last month when Australia’s national trademark registration authority approved the use of Champagne Jayne as Powell’s personal trademark. Source, Harpers.

A different kind of winemaking student
Kingaroy State High School students are going into the wine business, and fans of what is arguably the South Burnett’s smallest winery can look forward to a KSHS Rose later this year, along with a port and a sherry. The school recently expanded their long-standing winemaking program to embrace the entire process of producing and selling wine. Source, South Burnett.

Wine in a can ripped off
Greg Stokes and Steve Barics spent five years developing the technology to create their wine-in-a-can product and several more years building a business with $5 million a year turnover. But after entering into a partnership with Daiwa Can Company, Stokes claims their intellectual property has been ripped off. Source, Sydney Morning Herald.

A new maker for the Swan Valley
A proposed addition to the Swan Valley’s beer, wine and cider offerings will be as green as it is unusual. Made from 52 shipping containers, it has been described as one of the most environmentally friendly craft distilleries in the world. OneBar Distillery will make and sell beer, cider, spirits and wine, assuming they are able to obtain a liquor license. Source, The West.

SA power station waste turned to wine
A new processing plant has begun taking exhaust from the gas-fired Torrens Island Power Station in Adelaide's north, recovering carbon dioxide (CO2) for use in food processing and other manufacturing industries. Next time you're sipping on a nice South Australian sparkling ale, or a Barossa red, you could be sucking on the waste of the state's biggest power station. Source, ABC.

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