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News posted on Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Aussie doctors want cask wine to be ‘taxed out of existence’
DOCTORS have called for cheap casks of wine, or “goon bags” — the staple of underage drinking in the park — to be taxed out of existence. The Royal College of Australian Physicians wants wine to be taxed like beer, to stop the health budget being wasted on preventable, alcohol-­related ailments. “This is not about stopping people drinking wine, this is about taxing cheap alcohol, which is abused by young people and those who already have problems,” RACP President Professor Nick Talley said.

Keeping wine as a family affair harder as big business moves in
Bill Hardy, the fifth generation family member of Australian winemaker Hardys, talks proudly of his pioneering great-great-grandfather Thomas Hardy and his vision to create fine wines sold in the markets of the world. Over at Grant Burge, the winemaker’s website tells of fifth-generation Barossa vigneron Grant Burge who along with his wife Helen founded Grant Burge Wines in 1988, driven by the passion of the Burge family.

Langton’s Classification: Australia’s fine wine ‘form guide’
Australia’s Langton’s Classification may not be as well-known as Bordeaux's 1855 Classification, but it is an excellent barometer of how the Australian fine wine market is developing. In a similar way to St-Emilion’s classification, Langton’s is reviewed every five years and wines can be added, deleted, promoted or demoted. Started in 1990, it’s a three-tier system: Exceptional, Outstanding and Excellent.

QLD wines: Looking to the Mediterranean for success
Queensland wines are lagging behind the rest of the country, or so it seems. Of the more than 2500 vineyards in Australia, there are only 100 in the state. But while Queensland may have the least vineyards out of all the states, the ones we do have are real performers. Uncorked and Cultivated Master of wine, Peter Scudamore-Smith, said you have to look outside of the traditional varieties to see the real performers in Queensland.

The rise of orange wine, the white made like a red
IT’S the new drop that’s tantalising tastebuds yet confusing even the wine snobs. Popping up in bars, it’s definitely not a red wine and it doesn’t look like a white. With its pastel hue you might think it’s related to a rose. Think again. And while it’s called orange wine, its name has nothing to do with the wine growing region of Orange. But it could conceivably come from there.

Wineries pair wine with hotpot for China market
New Zealand wineries eager to tap the Chinese market have racked their palates for the perfect match of wine and Chinese food. Wine tasters and gourmets chose hotpot and Sauvignon Blanc, a crisp, dry, refreshing white, as the most popular pairing, Natalie Potts, marketing manager in Asia with New Zealand Winegrowers, told Xinhua on Wednesday night.

Wine, food harvest festival 'one of our best'
A big crowd packed into Clyde's historic precinct yesterday to sip and sample the best of what the district had to offer. About 4500 people attended the 15th annual Clyde Wine and Food Harvest Festival, up on the past two years. The event is a celebration of the grape harvest and showcases wines from Clyde, Earnscleugh and Alexandra. Patrons could choose from 21 food stalls and wine from 18 vineyards.

Kuvée is trying to reinvent wine with a Wi-Fi bottle
The Kuvée Bottle is, without question, one of the most ridiculous Internet of Things devices I've ever seen. It's a Wi-Fi connected wine bottle with a touchscreen that needs to be constantly recharged and is only compatible with proprietary wine cartridges. In exchange for this hassle, it promises to keep wine fresh for up to 30 days. It's exactly the kind of absurd product the Internet of Things is deservedly mocked for, and yet I love it for that very reason.

Decline of French wine leaves bitter aftertaste
France was gripped by anguish on Sunday over the loss of its place as the world’s largest wine producer and exporter, “dethroned” by Italy and Spain. “France falls from her pedestal,” lamented Le Parisien newspaper, which devoted its first three pages to the bitter revelation. “Some news is hard to swallow.” It said the 2015 figures from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine showed France had been “dethroned by Italy, teased by Chile and Argentina, and tormented by South Africa and California.”

Hong Kong’s top 10 biggest wine importers by volume
Hong Kong’s wine market is gradually improving from 2013’s slump but according to the recent International Wine and Spirits’ study commissioned by Vinexpo, the starkest change is the shift from premium to entry level wines as the average price per bottle of still wine falls from HK$154 to HK$124. This growth in the entry level segment has been accredited to more tourists from Mainland China who benefit from Hong Kong’s zero tax on wine, as well as an increase in a younger, internationally educated generation who are looking to drink more every day wine.

Putting the sense in sensory
AWRI Commercial Services offers a wide range of sensory services to the wine industry. Expert sensory staff, experienced sensory panels and world-class facilities allow tailored sensory solutions to be developed to suit your needs. Each wine submitted is assessed independently by at least five trained, highly skilled AWRI judges. Judges qualify to participate on AWRI sensory panels based on extensive experience in wine sensory assessment and continual performance assessment.

The Wine Club Revolution
In the past, wine clubs seemed to be for wine drinkers who didn’t want to think too hard. Rather than doing their research at local shops or in wine country, they paid a monthly fee to have a box of mystery juice sent their way. And often what arrived were private-label wines created from large wineries’ excess production. But now a new breed of clubs has cropped up, hoping to attract younger wine drinkers with several different strategies: "curated" deliveries of diverse, small-production wines chosen by credentialed experts.

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