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News posted on Thursday, 28 July 2005

Aussies to strut Shiraz stuff at Stellenbosch Wine Festival
The traditional rivalry between 'Down Under' and South Africa will be set aside at this year's Stellenbosch Wine Festival.

Lion scores hit at point blanc
The Australian on 28 July 2005 featured a report by Helen Matterson about the impacts of big corporate takeovers of small fledgling wineries, and how after two-and-a-half years, Brent Marris couldn't be happier with Lion Nathan owning his dream winery and brand, Wither Hills.

'Terroir' Conference to Examine Link Between Wine and Earth Science
Some 500 researchers and wine industry representatives will gather March 19-22 at the University of California, Davis, to examine that concept and explore the science behind it during the international conference "Terroir 2006: A Dialogue Between Earth Scientists and Winemakers." The four-day conference will be hosted by UC Davis' Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science.

The wine industry's emperor has quite the nose
We learn this morsel in "The Emperor of Wine," a new biography of a critic whose nose is a legend, attached to a man who has used it to remake an industry. Parker's father was able to detect a dog's breed by its smell, writer Elin McCoy tells us, and the son seems to have inherited that hypersensitivity.

Vineyards bid to woo China palate
WINE from some of Victoria's best vineyards will be uncorked at tastings in China later this year to help stimulate trade.

Pressings: Down to earth
IF YOU'VE ever thought the term "terroir" was just winemaking hype, here's a chance to explore the influences of soil type, sub-regional influences, and even the micro-climatic differences from one end of a vineyard to the other.

PERNOD RICARD: 2005 1st Half-Year Net Sales
Wine and Spirits sales (excluding duties and taxes) at 30 June 2005 increased by 8% over the same period last year to E 1,650 million from E 1,528 million.

AUS: Biodynamic winemaking makes a return
A report by Sally Gudgeon in The Age, Melbourne on 19 July 2005 says that while biodynamic winemaking is an easy target for satire, more and more people are beginning to realise it is not a joke, but a way to make quality wine. By harnessing the invisible energies of nature and working with the lunar calendar, great wines are being produced such as those from Beechworth's Castagna Wines.

Genome scheme to revamp vines
An Italo-French vine genome project will boost the quality of wines, protecting them from pests and making them better for consumers' health, experts said on Tuesday .

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