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News posted on Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sydney’s International Convention Centre seeks world class wine partners
Wine producers and distributors from New South Wales and beyond are being urged to submit their best drops to International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) this month, as the world class venue looks to finalise its coveted wine collection ahead of its opening this December. Collated by sommelier and ICC Sydney’s Beverage Operations and Cellar Manager, William Wilson, the industry-leading wine list will support ICC Sydney’s innovative Feeding Your Performance philosophy, with a focus on locally and sustainably produced wines.

Sip NZ Wine launches Sip Marketing for Wineries
After a successful collaborative Rosé campaign with 25 New Zealand wineries earlier this year, the duo behind Sip NZ Wine has now launched Sip Marketing, a wine marketing company. Sip Marketing offers wineries the expertise of an experienced wine marketing team without the big budget of an in-house marketing department. Founders Emily Camblin and Caro Jensen bring, combined, over 20 years of wine marketing experience in branding, packaging, PR/communications and lifestyle campaigns to this new venture.

Bayer Marlborough Young Viticulturist of the Year 2016 announced
Congratulations to Brenton O’Riley who became the Bayer Marlborough Young Viticulturist of the Year 2016 on Friday 24 June. O’Riley has worked at Giesen Wines for the last few years as Viticultural Technician and credits his time and experience there as helping him gain some of the high level knowledge and skills required to win the competition. He is due to start a new job at Pernod Ricard in a grower liaison role at the beginning of next month.

Survey of Australian wineries’ current SO2 use
Australian wineries are being invited to participate in short survey aimed at getting a snapshot of the current levels of sulfur dioxide use in the industry. In the forthcoming July/August issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal, regular writer and winemaker Cathy Howard will be exploring the current push for wineries to reduce sulfur levels following a recent warning by the president of the OIV Monika Christmann.

Australian wine producers could benefit from Brexit
As the impact of Brexit plays out on markets and commodities around the world, Australian winemakers could emerge as unlikely winners. Britain is the largest export destination for Australian wine by volume and the national industry body Wine Australia believes the fallout from Brexit could make it less expensive to send local wine to the United Kingdom.

'Largest community-owned' solar farm in Australia taking root in Canberra vineyard
There are two reasons Canberra's David Osmond puts his money into solar panels rather than stockpiling it in the bank. "The returns are better plus it's going towards a cause I'm very passionate about," he said. The latest solar project Mr Osmond will invest in will be the largest community-owned solar farm in Australia – and it will be right here in Canberra.

Young winemaker’s going it alone and doing just fine
HE may have been working in the wine industry for more than 20 years, but it’s Marty Singh’s own wine venture, just four years old, that’s gaining him most recognition. Mr Singh developed Precipice Wines during the “wet and soggy vintage” of 2011, but despite the difficult start, the confessed “young at heart” winemaker has been named as a finalist in the Young Gun of Wine Awards.

Brexit: Impact on Sparkling wine from England, France, and Italy
Last week’s “Brexit” vote will have vast and as-yet-uncertain consequences for the economies and politics of the United Kingdom and Europe overall. Today’s column tries to ground the wide-ranging conversation by focusing attention on one particular category of the wine industry, namely sparkling wine.

'Brexit' could halt the growth of California trade with Britain
California and its $5 billion of annual exports to Britain could be standing in harm’s way if there’s economic upheaval caused by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. The state is a major trading partner with England and the rest of Britain, whose vote to exit the EU -- the so-called Brexit -- rocked financial markets Friday, with stocks plummeting worldwide and the British pound sterling falling sharply against the dollar.

Severe hailstorm hits wine regions in Northeast China
At 5pm on 8th June, hailstorms hit Northeast China wine regions Funing and Changli, Hebei, destroying over 100ha vineyards. Among the wine regions most seriously hit by the hailstorm were Longhushan of Funing and Qiaofushan of Changli. Over 100ha of wine plantings were almost completely destroyed, according to local officials. In the last few weeks, Northeast China was hit repeatedly by hailstorms.

Bordeaux wine prices could rise by 60% after vintage year
The strong year enjoyed by Bordeaux winegrowers in 2015 will allow the most prestigious chateaux to raise their prices by 60%, equalling the great vintages of 2009 and 2010, experts have said. The price tags on second-tier Bordeaux were predicted to rise by between 5% and 35%. The boon follows a relative drought that saw only two vintages deemed “good” in the past few years, those of 2011 and 2014.

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