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News posted on Tuesday, 28 April 2015

China overtakes France to have world's second biggest wine-growing area
China now has the second-largest wine-growing area in the world after Spain, pushing France into third place, according to figures released by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine. The figures for 2014 showed China had 799,000 hectares of land devoted to wine growing, compared with 1.02 million hectares for Spain. Australia was 12th on the list with 152,000 hectares. France remained the biggest producer of wine in the world, pumping out 47 million hectolitres last year, while Australia produced 12 million hectolitres and China 11 million.

Wine marketing needs more investment: industry
Grape growers in the South Australian Riverland are calling for a rethink of the marketing of Australian wine at home and overseas. Poor prices for this year's vintage led to growers looking for answers. Riverland Wine executive officer Chris Byrne said the issues with the consumer perception of wine were an industry-wide problem and what consumers wanted was not being listened to. He said a marketing effort to help consumers understand that the Riverland was more than a bulk wine producing region was being drafted.

Celebrate #AussieWineMonth in May
May is just around the corner, bringing with it the fourth annual Aussie Wine Month, the country’s biggest celebration of Australian wine. Aussie Wine Month, an initiative of Wine Australia, encourages wine drinkers to discover the diversity, quality and regionality of our local wines and share their discoveries by including #AussieWineMonth in their social media posts.

Producing wine in traditional wool country
Victoria's western districts are renowned for the wool they produce. But the region is slowly gaining attention for its small but growing wine industry. The Henty wine district sits between the Grampians to the north and the coast to the south. Pierrepoint Wines owner Jennifer Lacey said the greatest task was making people aware of the wines the region produced. "The vineyards that are remaining are extremely successful, we produce incredible fruit," she said. "Most wineries in the area are at least four stars with James Halliday, most are four-and-a-half and five."

Part two; Australian wine industry – state of play
WE CONTINUE our Q&A with members of the Australian wine industry to find out their thoughts on the recently launched senate inquiry into the industry, the proposal for a temporary levy on every bottle of wine sold in Australia to assist growers through current tough times, and the general state of the industry. Today, we present the views of the warm inland regions as told by the representatives of their local industry organisations: Andrew Weeks, the newly-appointed business manager for Riverland Wine; Mike Stone, executive officer for Murray Valley Winegrowers; and Brian Simpson, chief executive officer of the Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board.

New air service will link wine regions
Wine lovers will likely be able to zip between Hawke's Bay and Marlborough on a new air service as soon as August. Sounds Air managing director Andrew Crawford said there was a "high likelihood" a service would be up and running between Napier and Blenheim. "Our hands are tremendously full, as you can imagine," he said, of the carrier's expansion. It has recently picked up two services which are being dropped by Air New Zealand: a Westport service starting tomorrow, and a Taupo-to-Wellington route starting soon.

Grape spills tumble in Marlborough
Roading contractors were called to clean up 16 grape spills on Marlborough roads during this year's harvest. Sergeant Michael Moloney, of the South Island Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit, said most of the spillages happened on Alabama Rd and Grove Rd. Moloney believed the spill rate was likely a result of inappropriate vehicles and out-of-town drivers who were unfamiliar with the roads. Some truck drivers forgot they were carrying liquid loads and would come to an instant halt at intersections and roundabouts causing the grapes to spill.

Cheap wine land is appealing to foreigners
ARGENTINA: As an autumn chill settles over the country, the harvested vineyards mottling yellow and russet, Jose Manuel Ortega’s winery rises amid snow-capped Andean foothills. Inside, Ortega is holding forth on why the poetry of a Malbec yields to the prose of healthy profits. “If you’re a shrewd investor, you’re late on bonds and shares and you’re left with real estate,” Ortega said at his vineyard in La Consulta in the province of Mendoza. “Any decline in Argentine risk due to the positive outcome of the election will raise the price of our property.”

How California's largest winemaker has cut water use by 25%
An E&J Gallo Co. winery in Healdsburg has cut water use by 25 percent, using technology and retraining of employees in ways others can follow as California and much of the Western United States battle a continuing drought. That effort is part of a much broader campaign by the giant company and others in the industry to save water, and money, by reusing wastewater, irrigating crops more efficiently and using new ways to clean equipment.

Sparkling Wine a win for South Korean market
What is the best type of wine, that is in 110 million bottles a year and is exported to 50 countries across the world? It is definitely sparkling wine. Tasting fizzy Sauvignon Blanc and sweet Garganega sparkling wines, even light drinkers give two thumbs up. As sparkling wines are sweet and refreshing with a natural fizz, more and more wine lovers drink them. In the future, a wide variety of sparkling wines will attract more Korean consumers with unique characteristics such as French champagne with deeper and decent taste and flavour.

Wine Market in Asia to 2020
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Canadean Ltd's new report "Wine Market in Asia to 2020: Market Guide" to their offering. "Wine Market in Asia to 2020: Market Guide" provides a snapshot of Wine consumption in Asia. The quantitative data in the report provides historic and forecast consumption data by country providing marketers with the essential information to understand their own and their competitors' position in this market and the information to accurately identify where to compete in the future.





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