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News posted on Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Hawke's Bay vintages impress judges
Up to 400 local wines impressed the judging panel for the 17th Hawke's Bay A and P Bayleys Wine Awards during the past couple of days. The buildup to the awards next month is well under way and chair judge Rod Easthope said going by the wines in the trophy lineup the winemakers had done an amazing job. Source, NZ Herald

2017's most talented women in wine
The winners of the 2017 Australian Women in Wine Awards were announced on 26 September, at a ceremony at Australia House in London. Nine awards were given at the formal ceremony, which preceded a public tasting event. Source, Winetitles.

France-Otago trainee exchange turns 10
Central Otago winemakers are bound for one of Pinot Noir's spiritual homes, in Burgundy, France, to celebrate the relationship between the regions. The Central Otago Winegrowers Association has organised a trip for 19 people from the area's wine industry to travel there next month. Source, Otago Daily Times

Aussie Riesling worth more than its low price
When Australia’s best Rieslings’ prices are compared to the best of the other varieties, the results show that Australia’s best Riesling producers are trashing their own brand. Some years ago Jeff Grosset, courageously lifted the price of his Polish Hill Riesling to nearly $60 encouraging others to break the $40 price barrier. Source, Community News.

'Macho' culture in wine world turns women away
Australia's peak wine body has warned the industry is losing talent and valuable skills because its macho culture is still driving women out. Wine Australia chairman Brian Walsh said many women wanting to study viticulture and wine production left the industry within a decade. Source, The ABC.

From Belgium to the beach
"There’s enough people who make complex and intense wines. With these wines, I just want to watch Top Gun, put a straw in it, and drink it in 20 minutes," says winemaker Koen Janssens. Source, CityMag.

Paul Schaafsma lands new CEO role
Just over a year after leaving Accolade Wines, Paul Schaafsma has secured a new CEO role at Broadland Wineries. The owner of Broadland, Mark Lansley, is stepping back from the day-to-day running of the business and taking on the new role of part-time chairman. Source, Drinks Central.

California to 'wait and see' on winegrape prices
Following brisk market activity for California’s wine grapes in the first half of this year, buying and selling has slowed while prices have held fairly steady as this year’s harvest moves into early September. Source, Western Farm Press.

Three countries make half the world's wine
When you stroll down the wine walls at your wine or grocery store, it’s easy to think wine is made everywhere. It is not. Vitis vinifera grows best in two relatively narrow bands that circle Earth between latitudes 30 and 50 degrees in the northern and southern hemispheres. Source, Reporter News.

Wine on tap could change the way we drink
Traditionalists who eye screwtop bottles suspiciously better brace themselves, because wine on tap is set to change the way we drink. While draught wine seems like an innovation it was in fact pioneered in the old-world nation of Italy, later gaining traction in the new world regions of the US, Australia and New Zealand. Source, The Independent.

New research on smoke taint
Grapes grown near forest fires make wine that tastes like ash, and it's only detectable after the finished product, which is far too late. Now, researchers know why and are hoping to save winemakers from this terrible problem. Source, IFL Science.

Wines judged on drinkability and value
The new London Wine Competition looks to set a new benchmark for award winning wines by assessing them for their drinkability, value for their money and packaging & design.

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