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News posted on Monday, 27 June 2016

No sour grapes over new wine app
Family-owned wine delivery firm Get Wines Direct says it is reinventing the online wine shopping experience, unveiling a new virtual wine store app. The AisleOne iPhone and iPad app, under development for two years, replaces text searches and product lists with a virtual wine store in which users swipe left and right to pick their bottle. “When you’re an independent business up against the liquor giants, you need to be clever and agile to compete,” CIO Jordan Muir said.

Young guns of wine: what to drink from upcoming winemakers
Sick and tired of the same old Shiraz and looking for some new blood? Perhaps the Brave New Wine’s 2015 Schadenfreude Great Southern Shiraz or Billy Button’s 2015 “The Affable” Barbera could be your new drop. Those who love to taste the latest can try the newest offerings from up and coming winemakers shortlisted for Australia’s 10th Young Guns of Wine awards.

Australian agricultural exports could be hit by Brexit
BREXIT could have a negative impact on beef, lamb and wine exports to the UK. Rabobank senior analyst Marc Soccio said the lower pound would increase the price of Australian imports for UK consumers, prompting them to look elsewhere for products. “I think particularly you’ve got to look at the currency impacts to begin with,” Mr Soccio said.

China’s new wine lovers: affluent millennials drinking more, turning to France, Chile and Australia
Wealthy young Chinese, having acquired a modicum of savoir faire and a taste for liquid luxury, are becoming game changers in one of the world’s biggest wine markets, prompting the country’s top wine merchants to also become providers of wine education. This burgeoning army of wine aficionados offers a glimmer of hope for vintners, who have been battered by Beijing’s crackdown on extravagance and the mainland’s slowing economic growth.

Liquor leaves bitter taste for Costco, ALDI
How long does it take to sell alcohol in South Australia? Years. One of the world's biggest retailers, Costco, is still waiting on a verdict from the South Australian courts on whether it can sell alcohol at its Adelaide store. In 2014, the country's biggest retailer, Woolworths, teamed up with the Australian Hotels Association to object successfully to Costco's bid for a special circumstances licence in South Australia.

Hawke's Bay: The best wine tour for non-snobs
If you're the sort of person who is unwilling to pay more than $15 for a bottle of wine, the idea of a wine tour can seem a bit pretentious. And intimidating. Don't get me wrong, I love a good drop. But when I drink wine, I'm pretty sure all I can taste is grapes - not lychees or asparagus or cigar boxes. I spent last weekend in the Hawke's Bay, the oldest wine region in New Zealand and the second largest, after Marlborough. With more than 75 wineries and 100 vineyards, it would be rude not to have a nosey.

Marlborough Wine Estates Group to List on NXT
Premium wine maker, Marlborough Wines Estates Group Limited (MWE) has today confirmed that it will become the third wine company to list on the New Zealand stock exchange when it joins the NXT market as a compliance listing next week. Marlborough Wine Estates owns vineyards in the Awatere Valley in Marlborough and produces some of the region’s finest Sauvignon Blancs under two brands – O:TU and Music Bay.

Brexit: A good day for English wine?
English wine might be the only clear beneficiaries of today’s referendum debacle as importers look to the domestic marketplace instead of the Eurozone. As the pound goes into free-fall, it is likely in the short term at least that importers will look to what English wine can offer, with dominant UK wineries such as Denbies and Chapel Down set to profit.

California winemakers press for stricter label rules
California winemakers have now enlisted lawmakers and federal regulators in their latest effort to stop the dilution of some vintage names. Squeezed by the state’s large congressional delegation, regulators are proposing to restrict further the use of certain crucial words on wine labels. The move would stop out-of-state wine producers from spuriously identifying their wine as coming from a designated California region.

Debunking the Wine Score Inflation Myth
Are wine scores really inching ever upwards? Claire Adamson takes a look at hard facts, rather than gut feeling. Legendary British wine writer Hugh Johnson isn't a fan of wine scores. Speaking at the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers in Napa in February, he recalled his bafflement at seeing the numbers down the side of Robert Parker's tasting notes for the first time. He asked what they were, and was horrified at the answer.

Mildew Threatens Sherry's Grape Crop
An outbreak of fungal disease after a damp spring means trouble for struggling growers. A warm and wet spring has caused chaos in the vineyards of Andalusia, where mildew is threatening this year's Sherry production. Winegrowers fear that as much as 80 percent of their crop could be destroyed thanks to the fungus caused by warm





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