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News posted on Monday, 27 March 2017

Positive trends emerge: Production, sales & inventory
The Australian wine sector increased its production, sales and inventory last financial year, according to the Australian wine: Production, sales and inventory 2015–16 report released by Wine Australia. The report, based on survey responses from the wine sector, shows a positive long-term trend for Australia’s wine production, sales and inventory, with continuing sales growth expected especially in export markets.

Young gun: Michael Downer
The family property used to be as much about cattle as it was focussed on growing vines, but Michael Downer’s Artisan Series has built on the reputation of the Murdoch Hill wines and marked a turning point in the farming business.

Alarm raised: Three tractor accidents in a fortnight
Three Victorian farmers have died in workplace accidents involving tractors in just eight days. WorkSafe director Marnie Williams called the three deaths "alarming". "Each one of these incidents is a tragedy and our thoughts are with the families, friends and colleagues of these men at this difficult time," she said.

The original Basket Rangers
If a wine column mentions the magic words “Basket Range” one more time, you’ve got every right to scream in pain about the overload of publicity this tiny little corner of the wine globe has had for the minuscule number of litres it produces.

Maersk sets sail
Maersk Line, the world's biggest shipper, is planning to expand into the Australian logistics market and add other services to its port calls as it battles low freight rates and financial losses. "We've got a vision to be the global integrator of container logistics," Gerard Morrison, managing director of Maersk's Oceania business told The Australian Financial Review.

Peregrine Wines secures US distribution
One of Central Otago’s premium wine producers is celebrating signing an exclusive business agreement that will see its wines distributed the length and breadth of the US. The long-term relationship between Peregrine Wines and Vineyard Brands - a medium-sized, quality-focussed importer of international wines - was cemented this month when Peregrine co-directors Lindsay, Fraser and Jude McLachlan hosted Vineyard Brands’ President and CEO Greg Doody.

Invivo Wines' Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron
Tim Lightbourne, 40, and Rob Cameron, 41, were friends at school before Tim went on to become a marketing guru and Rob a winemaking master. Ten years ago, they combined their talents and founded Invivo Wines.

Gallo buys Stagecoach Vineyard
E. & J. Gallo, the world's largest family-owned wine company, continues to see premium wine as the future. Wine Spectator has learned that the company has agreed to buy Stagecoach Vineyard, a 1300-acre site on Pritchard Hill in Napa Valley. The rocky hillside site has 600 planted acres of vines in an area increasingly recognised for producing quality fruit.

Chinese wines versus the rest of the world
Only Spain has more land given over to wine production than China, and yet it is rare to see Chinese wines in the UK. This is partly because the boom of the past decade has targeted domestic drinkers and partly because the wines haven’t been that great. Given how much investment has gone into developing the business, however, it’s unlikely the two wines at Sainsbury’s from China’s oldest winery Changyu (established 1892) will be the last.

The white wine trap
Do experts rate red wines more highly than white wines, regardless of price, vintage, and region? Does this mean there is a critical bias in favour of red wines? Is it a flaw in the 100-point scoring system used by the major wine magazines? Or are red wines inherently more complex than whites, which accounts for the score disparity? Or is something else going on?

St. Louis women break through
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that because many alcohol wholesale businesses are family-owned and privately held, it is difficult to determine just how many women are heading up these operations, but women in the industry say it is still very much male-dominated, particularly at the large distribution level.

Subject: 4th Annual Melbourne International Wine Competition Submissions Are Now Open.
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Speedy vintage analysis
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