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News posted on Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hawke's Bay wine region deserves greatness
What doesn't the Hawke's Bay wine region have going for it? Any asylum-seeking grape variety you care to name can settle there and thrive. The region's top wine people are a bunch of good bastards, always an important factor. It has history – Mission Estate is the country's oldest winery – and it has cult wines (eg Te Mata Coleraine, Esk Valley, The Terraces, and Bilancia's La Collina). Its home base is wealthy and supportive, and only getting more so (just look at the current wave of cashed-up baby boomers moving to the Bay).

Mud House aiming high in the UK
Mud House wants to be the UK’s biggest New Zealand wine brand, taking on the likes of Brancott Estate, Oyster Bay and Villa Maria, according to its head winemaker Ben Glover. During a discussion with the drinks business last month, Glover, who heads up winemaking for Mud House, said that the brand has expanded significantly since it was bought by Accolade Wines in November 2013, and that the long-term aim was to be Britain’s biggest from New Zealand.

How China conquered France’s wine country
French connoisseurs sold the Chinese pomp and prestige, until they started manufacturing it themselves. In 1996, Chinese premier Li Peng surprised his audience at the National People’s Congress by toasting the Ninth Five-Year Plan with red wine: “Drinking fruit wines is helpful to our health, does not waste grain, and is good for social ethics,” he announced. For China’s rapidly growing underclass, this gesture signalled a commitment to rein in the fraud and waste epitomized by party banquets

Wine branding: Why it’s important for the industry’s growth
I have been in the wine industry for 13 years, which is not a lot of time, relatively speaking, but enough to notice the lack of marketing and branding in this sector. Coming from multinational marketing and communications departments where I worked on developing fast-moving consumer goods brands that most of us consume every day, I find it in bizarre contrast that in the wine industry, the main business focus is not on building brands, but building walls.

Smaller wineries need direct-to-consumer sales
Why direct-to-consumer sales are so important to wineries if many of the smaller, family-owned wineries are to survive: They need to sell a large percentage of their wine directly to the consumer either at the winery or through wine clubs. There is no other way. Over the last 25-30 years there has been a great consolidation of wine distributors coinciding with a tremendous expansion in the number of wineries. In fact there are only two remaining giant, national distributors and a small number of regional ones.

Wine Vision 2015 to challenge 'old thinking'
Wine Vision 2015 will challenge ‘old thinking’ with its focus on innovation, new routes to market and sustainability with commercial rewards, organisers said. The third Wine Vision, held in Bilbao from December 9, hopes to challenge traditional thinking in the wine industry by showcasing high-growth new market entrants and by exploring innovative approaches to producing wine, selling it, creating powerful brands and extending consumer markets.

Coping with drought forces farmers to bail out
El Nino as a hot dry phenomenon seems meaningless to Queensland farmers who have survived more than three years of drought. Now as Jenny Underwood hears warnings to 'be prepared for El Nino this summer', she feels her skin crawl. "There are areas of western and northern Queensland that have had very little rain for the past three to four years," Jenny Underwood said. "To suddenly be told, 'Be prepared it's going to get drier and hotter, we're going to call it El Nino.'

A personal touch to wine microbiology
The Wine Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory at The University of Adelaide has developed a customized solution offering fully automated sampling for yeast fermentations. Based on a Freedom EVO 200 platform, this system frees researchers from the need to manually aliquot samples day and night for up to three weeks.

Between rock and a hard place
Whitey looks at the impact of energy exploration and other potential sources of contamination on the Limestone Coast's food and wine industry. For a moment Dirty Harry was in my bedroom. That edge of slumber thing where dreams dance in and out of wakefulness. There stood Clint, lightin’ up a Lucky and blowin’ the smoke off his .44. In his best ‘make my day’ voice, he half-whispered: “We believe that fracking can be safely carried out, provided there are strict environmental safeguards.” It was Premier Jay Weatherill coming out of the morning wireless.

Dan Murphy’s blitzing the Aussie liquor market
According to the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research, some 4.8 million Australian adults buy alcohol in an average seven days, spending almost $296 million between them (an average of $61 per person per week). Enjoying the largest slice of this rather substantial pie is liquor megastore Dan Murphy’s- leader not only in terms of market share, as it happens, but also in total customer numbers.

ProWine ASIA 2016 attracts strong international participation
SINGAPORE - The inaugural ProWine ASIA 2016 has attracted strong international participation from worldwide renowned wine and spirits producers, distributors and industry stakeholders who will converge at the Singapore Expo from 12 to 15 April 2016. The most relevant trade fair of its kind in Southeast Asia, the event will be held alongside the 20th installment of FHA2016 for the first time.

SA's influential drink makers and shakers
THERE’S a lot to love about what’s poured in glasses across South Australia and the household names, rising stars and everyday people who have a positive influence on what and where we drink. Whether they’re creating, importing, championing or brewing the liquids we imbibe, these locals are at the top of their game. From fine wine to spirits, cordial to coffee and farmers tending their bovines, the movers and shakers combine passion, hard work and vision to make sure South Australians drink the good stuff now and in the future.





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