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News posted on Thursday, 23 February 2017

Earthquake-damage shouldn’t impact vintage
With harvest less than a month away, wine companies in Marlborough are confident they have enough storage space to handle an influx of fruit. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake last November damaged tanks amounting to about 20 per cent of the total storage capacity in the region. Since the disaster, wine companies have been working with insurers and engineers to repair or replace their tanks to make sure they can handle harvest.

New era of winemaking at Charles Sturt University
The clink of glass on the bottling line will mark the beginning of a new era of winemaking at Charles Sturt University (CSU) this week. Chardonnay will be one of the first of the new wines produced under CSU's boutique brand to be bottled today. Campbell Meeks, CSU winemaker, said the new brand will also showcase the unique characteristics of premium NSW winegrowing regions.

The art of wine storytelling
Stories sell – which is why storytelling is marketing’s hottest new trend. Anyone who’s been to a wine conference lately will certainly have heard the cry go up for the wine trade to ‘tell its stories’. But what is ‘storytelling’, and how can the wine trade do it effectively? New research has uncovered some surprising answers.

Harvest starts at Terindah Estate
THE phrase ‘fruits of my labour­’ epitomises what harvest is to Tim Byrne. The Terindah Estate winemaker and vineyard manager said harvest was about celebrating­ the connection between­ the land and what it produces. “Globally, harvest is a really important date for the community, but so far in Australia it hasn’t been recognised as much,” Mr Byrne said.

Clare Riesling: The Penna Finally Drops
Back-label blurbs love to hype the notion of tradition, often where none exists. But for Clare Valley vigneron Peter Treloar and his Penna Lane label, tradition is no idle marketing ploy – it breathes down his neck at every vintage. Francis Treloar, Peter’s direct ancestor, was one of the Clare Valley’s earliest winemakers. The vineyards of Treloar’s Prospect at Watervale were established in 1865 and Francis sold his early wines from the barrel in the Watervale Hotel.

Taste dependent on site of vineyard
There are a large number of factors that affect the way a wine tastes and the particular site, or vineyard, is high among them, reviewer Mark Henderson writes. On a macro-climate level are things such as the number of growing season daylight hours and sunshine hours a year, the average temperature, the diurnal temperature range, average rainfall and when it falls, prevailing wind and more.

Raising a glass to top shelf cellar door skills
A new training assessment designed to recognise and reward high standards of customer service at New Zealand’s vineyard cellar doors will be welcomed by wineries around the country. ServiceIQ has introduced a new unit standard dedicated to cellar door sales expertise, as part of its NZ Certificate in Tourism (Visitor Experience) Level 3. The qualification can be completed on the job by staff taking care of customers at any vineyard cellar door in the country.

Hot new wines out of Napa are white
Chances are, when you think of Napa Valley, you think of red wine. Well, get ready to be surprised. In this classic Cabernet territory, dozens of top-end wineries are focusing the same kind of every-detail-matters approach to whites that they’ve long lavished on their more prestigious reds.

What's the big deal about high-elevation?
Unwittingly perhaps, certain wine regions, countries and even individual winemakers have developed a "mine's higher than yours" attitude when discussing vineyards' height above sea level. Wine publicists and geeks alike are lapping it up. So, it's important to go beyond the hype and find out what real high-altitude wine is.

Social media’s disappointing numbers game
The fundamental question is often the one not asked very often: how much of an effect does social media have on the health of a brand? Having analysed a number of leading brands, it seems that the missing link is an honest discussion about reach and impact. In other words, how influential can a social media post, or “follow”, actually be?

Wine business credit needs swell
Capitalising on growing thirst nationwide for the higher-end wine the North Coast is known for is intensifying demand for sources of capital, according to longtime local lenders. The Business Journal interviewed lending experts about the impact of growing consumer demand for wines over $15 a bottle is having on the capital needs to produce it in the North Coast.




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