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News posted on Monday, 21 November 2016

Wine never cheaper in Australia
Would you drink wine that is $2.89 a bottle? Alcohol is the latest battleground in the price was between retail giants Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. Wine has never been cheaper in Australia, with some varieties costing less than bottled water. A high demand from supermarkets and shoppers, imported wine competition and an oversupply of local wines has meant good news for consumers looking for a cheap bottle of plonk. CEO of the Winemakers Federation, Tony Battaglene said most consumers don't want to pay a lot for their wine.

Chinese knowledge of Australian wine boosting tourist numbers
While Australian wine exporters enjoy the surge in the value of their sales to China, cellar doors at home are also noticing a greater number of eager Chinese tourists. Winemakers believe the increasing sales both at home and abroad are strongly influenced by the relatively weaker Australian dollar, but they are quick to add it is also due to a growing awareness among Chinese consumers about Australia's many wine regions. The industry in Australia has been working to educate Chinese consumers not only about wine culture, but also the many regions where Australian wine is produced.

Meet the winemakers letting WA speak for itself
Amongst Great Southern winemakers, Mr Diletti is something of a household name, and his talents won the 2015 Winemaker of the Year title from the famed wine writer and critic James Halliday. Mr Diletti's winemaking journey began when he created his first vintage back in 1986 after his father Angelo established Castle Rock close to the Stirling Ranges and backed his son's passion. "Dad not being a wine maker is definitely why it's worked so well, he's left me alone to make all my own mistakes!"

Parker ‘palate killers’ are gone from OZ
The days of Australian winemakers producing “palate killing” Shiraz to please Robert Parker are finally over according to one key winemaker in the country. Speaking to the drinks business during a trip to London this week, Chris Hancock MW of Robert Oatley Vineyards in New South Wales, said, “We have just about lost all of the jammy, alcoholic, heavy, dead skin Shirazes that are Parker pleasing palate killers, which is an hallelujah moment. Instead, we’re moving towards lighter, brighter more interesting wines from quality producers.

Chinese wine lovers making 2016 a top export vintage
China's increasing thirst for premium Australian wine has helped push export values to a 13-year high. Local winemakers are hiring Chinese speaking staff to cater for an influx of savvy wine tourists at the cellar door. Despite the surge there are warnings that Australian export vintages are under growing threat from the vineyards of France and South America.

Urban vineyard thrives on the sunny slopes of Mt Eden
For Mike and Angela Sparks there is immense satisfaction to be found looking out over their vineyard while sipping a glass of syrah made from the grapes they've grown there. Not such an unusual thing in a winemaking country you might think, except the Sparks' family vineyard is right in the middle of Auckland city, planted in the backyard of their home. Where other people might have shrubs, trees and vegetable beds, they have vines staked in neat rows, growing up a high wall and over a pergola, covering a large part of their steep section on the slopes of Mt Eden.

Family Owned Wine Company supporting the NZ Industry
New Zealand’s winemakers and brewers from big to small will now be able to supply direct to customers through a locally-owned platform. New Zealand’s oldest independent wine retailers, Glengarry Wines are a family-owned company established in 1945. As an independent, Kiwi born and bred enterprise, we have always championed the small guys and brought the rarer, more eclectic wines to our customers. We are delighted to be still operating from a position of strength in what is an increasingly hectic and crowded market, flooded now with a number of operators from outside our borders.

Prowine celebrates record numbers
The fourth edition of ProWine China – the leading international trade fair for wines and spirits in Shanghai was hailed a success, with an increase in visitor and exhibitor numbers from last year. This year’s exhibition attracted 12,431 trade visitors – an increase of 20% from 2015 – with over a third coming from outside of Shanghai. There was also a larger contingent of international exhibitors from last year hailing from all over the ‘Silk Road’ route, including Ningxia and Xinjiang provinces of China, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Belarus and Latvia.

Jamdani registered as GI product: Lessons from Champagne
The 1996 Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Properties Agreement (TRIPS) of 1996, of the world Trade Organisation (WTO) provides the most comprehensive multilateral treaty to enact and enforce intellectual property laws, including Geographical Indication Law. Geographical indications (GI) give the producers of a region the exclusive right to use the indication for their products originating from that region. It also means that they have the right to prohibit any unauthorised use, usurpation or imitation of the sign on a product that is not from the designated area or which does not have the qualities guaranteed by the GI.

Xi Jinping’s Chile trip to boost Chilean wines
Chinese president Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Chile, the first of its kind by a Chinese state leader to the South American country in 12 years, is expected to give a huge boost to Chilean wine exports to China, reports official Chinese newspaper People’s Daily. In 2015, Chilean wine exports to China stood at US$175 million, a 41% increase in value over the previous year after China abolished all tariffs on Chilean wines in the same year. Since signing a Free Trade Agreement in 2005, China has become Chile’s biggest trade partner, and Chile has grown into China’s third largest trade partner in Latin America.

ASDA sales slump continues in 3q
Across its wider group business, the US retail giant, which operates in eleven global markets including the US and UK, reported a “solid” third quarter, with growth in its online operation, with revenues of $118.2. The retailer is also said to be launching Asda’s best-selling Chilean Malbec which saw booming sales across its UK store after being named the best single varietal under £15 by Decanter magazine. In September, the retailer announced it was upping its focus on fine wine parcels through its online Wine Shop as it seeks to increase exposure and build momentum of the wine site.

Are your wine additives the real thing?
Are you taking advantage of the inexpensive wine additives such as DAP or tartaric acid available this vintage? Not sure whether what you’re getting is the real deal? AWRI Commercial Services can give you confidence by testing wine additives for compliance with either the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) or the product’s Certificate of Analysis. Testing to basic FCC requirements ensures your raw material is not contaminated and meets the purity specifications required for food ingredients, safeguarding public health and ensuring you don’t contaminate your wine. The current suite of additive analyses covers DAP, ascorbic acid, citric acid, erythorbic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, PMS, PVPP, thiamine hydrochloride, potassium sorbate, potassium carbonate and potassium bicarbonate. For further information please contact [email protected]

The vintrace App – available on the App Store
The team at Vintrace are passionate about both wine and technology. Forming in 2006, and drawing on their extensive experience in IT and winemaking, they’ve pursued their goal of delivering the most impressive digital tool kit to the global wine industry. Vintrace has successfully moved thousands of winemakers from away from a paper-based systems so they can focus more time on making great wine. Vintrace has continued this evolution with the introduction of the Vintrace iOS mobile app – now available on the App store. With all the power of Vintrace in-hand, winemakers have everything they need to make timely decisions while roaming the cellar, walking the rows or conducting a tasting with VIPs. Using the App, winemakers can quickly scan bar-coded tanks and barrels to look up current labs, composition and status. Recording lab data, such as Brix/Temp during fermentation, can be done in the cellar, no more clipboards, no more spreadsheets. To experience Vintrace and the new App first hand contact us here at [email protected] for a demonstration.





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