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News posted on Monday, 21 August 2017

NZ trio head to home of Pinot Noir to help harvest
Grape harvest is over for Central Otago viticulturists and winemakers but for three it is about to start all over again - in France. The trio are off to France this week as part of the Central Otago Burgundy Exchange, now in its 11th year. The trio will spend the first week at a technical college - Centre de Formation Professionnelle et de Promotion Agricole de Beaune, then three weeks at a host vineyard. Source, Stuff

NZ wineries attract sophisticated spending tourists
Black Estate in Waipara, North Canterbury is one of about 450 wineries benefiting from the tourist influx and a new visitor guide on the NZ Wine website. Co-owner Penelope Naish said international tourists have proved a boon. About 24 per cent of Scandinavian visitors described themselves as wine tourists in a recent survey, followed by similar percentages from Finland, Canada, Denmark, England, and the US. Source, Stuff

Australian drinking habits changing
DrinkWise has released Australian Drinking Habits 2007 vs 2017 - a study ten years in the making. The positive outcomes are reflective of a more mature Australian drinking culture than ten years ago: Australians are drinking more moderately, and the rate of excessive drinking, and underage drinking, is decreasing. Source, Winetitles.

Winery disrespects Pisco GI
Margaret River winemaker Greg Garnish at Harmans Estate, has produced a distilled grape spirit and named it "Pisco", which is a drink produced exclusively in Chile and Peru. Eyebrows were quickly raised in South America and Peru has launched a legal challenge in an effort to stop Harmans using the word “Pisco.” Source, The West Australian.

People of the wine: Dave Gartelmann
Milton Wordley speaks to Dave Gartelmann, a McLaren Vale native who has made a reputation as one of the Napa Valley masters of Cabernet Sauvignon. Gartelmann makes wines under the label SAEP, and sources quality fruit for friends. Source, Winetenquestions.

A brief rundown of Trump Winery
President Trump has raved about his wine a number of times in the past. Last week Trump took some time at a press conference about infrastructure that devolved into a back-and-forth with the media about racial unrest in Virginia to talk about the winery he owns in Charlottesville, wrongfully claiming it was one of the biggest in the country. Source, Daily Mail.

The perils of wine groupthink
Despite many people’s belief to the contrary, the plural of anecdote is not data; it’s anecdata, a term that’s as helpfully meaningless as the kind of information it describes. The fact that a vociferous group of people with hipster beards in New York restaurants are to be seen drinking natural wine does not indicate a fast-growing national trend for the style across the US. Source, Meningers.

Somms are not rockstars, they're DJ's
Not so long ago, the phrase “star sommelier” would have been considered an oxymoron. Wine waiting was not seen as a career for the ambitious. It was reserved for the kind of man who takes pleasure in making sarcastic remarks while quizzing timid customers, or shaming them into spending more money than they want on something they’ve never heard of. Source, The Guardian.

Italy's natural producers
Angiolino Maule is the owner of Italian natural wine association, VinNatur. Today, VinNatur has 170 members, with a third each coming from other European countries. Together they form the backbone of Italy’s natural winemaking movement. Source, Meningers.

Wines of Momentary Destination
Travelling the world making a new wine each year sounds like some sort of ridiculous dream job. For the founders of Wines of Momentary Destination this is a reality. Camellia Aebischer spoke to founder Nick Jones about how it all happened, and what they were recently doing in Australia. Source, Grapegrower & Winemaker.

Mudgee's mining mashup
You are more likely to see haute cuisine and hors d'oeuvres than hard hats and high-vis gear at Mudgee, in central-west NSW. While it is less visible, mining also plays a huge part in making Mudgee what it is — and is the single biggest employer in town. How then does a town with such culinary kudos, located on the doorstep of major mines, operate and survive? Source, ABC.

Exporting wine made easy
Exporting wine overseas can seem very complicated, but AWRI Commercial Services makes the process as easy as possible.

Frost fan ROI calculator shows compelling returns
In conjunction with parent company New Zealand Frost Fans, Australian Frost Fans has recently built a ROI calculator which it plans to make available as an online tool.

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