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News posted on Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Legal action threat over Te Mata Peak track
An environmental advocacy group is considering taking legal action over the "appalling" walking track carved into the face of Te Mata Peak in Havelock North. Criticism has dogged the new $300,000 track, funded and developed by nearby winery Craggy Range on land they own. Source, The New Zealand Herald.

Winery worker died rescuing friend
Lawrence Thompson was at his Renwick home on Sunday when a friend called to say his four-wheel-drive was stuck in the Wairau River, Onamalutu. Thompson picked up a tractor from work and went to help, but rolled the vehicle on his way back. Source, Stuff.

Barnaby Joyce replaced in cabinet reshuffle
On December 19 David Littleproud MP was be appointed as the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources. Littleproud takes the reins from Barnaby Joyce who has changed roles in the recent cabinet re-shuffle to become Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. Source, Winetitles.

Disease-resistant vines planted in trial
Staff have planted disease-resistant grapevines in a major trial at the Orange Agricultural Institute vineyard. Agricultural experts said that if just one or two them succeeded in creating a quality wine it would be a “game-changer” for the Orange wine industry. Source, Central Western Daily.

Draft strategy to boost wine prices
Wine lovers and young drinkers would be hardest hit by a government proposal to increase booze prices. A draft strategy released by federal government ministers, which aims to significantly reduce Australians’ alcohol consumption, has recommended a “minimum floor price” for alcohol. Source, News.

From fossils to ferments
People get into the wine industry via all sorts of unusual occupations, but senior winemaker and general manager for the Hungerford Hill, Sweetwater Estate and Dalwood brands Bryan Currie arguably takes the cake by once being a palaeontologist. Source, The Newcastle Herald.

Two local wine companies merge
Online Liquor Group, which owns Cracka Wines, Winegrowers Direct and My Wine Guy; and TS Wholesale, owner of The Wine Society, announced their merger, with sights set on growing the online sale of alcoholic beverages. Source, My Business.

Drought to hit SA 2018 harvest
South Africa, the world’s seventh biggest wine producer, is expected to see the smallest harvest in more than a decade in 2018 after drought and lower plantings hit yields, industry experts said. The winelands are mostly in the coastal Western Cape province which was declared a disaster area in May due to a severe drought that has dried up dams and led to water restrictions for residents and industry. Source, Reuters.

What's behind Georgia's tourism boost?
Tourists are attracted to Georgia’s 12,000 historical and cultural sites. But, it's the hot springs, and local wine that are the icing on the cake. “There are 500 different grape varieties in Georgia,” explained wine maker David Maisuradze. “We have great soil and climate, which creates unique conditions for Georgian wine making.” Source, Euro News.

Three women in wine talk business
As part of BNY Mellon Wealth Management’s Game Changers series which the company launched in 2017 in support of its more nontraditional clients, three Napa- and Sonoma-based veteran women in wine came to Manhattan this fall to offer a taste of all they do. Source, Forbes.

Racing cars and making wine
Danica Patrick was 10 when she drove her first go-kart. The NASCAR superstar and winery owner talks about how producing an exceptional bottle of wine and succeeding at racing cars are not so different. Source, Wine Enthusiast.

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