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News posted on Monday, 20 April 2015

Bond joins Grant Burge Wines
Accolade Wines has appointed experienced wine industry executive, Jeff Bond, as Grant Burge Wines general manager. Michael East, Accolade Wines general manager Asia Pacific, said Bond’s recent experience as CEO at Peter Lehmann Wines, coupled with his marketing experience and understanding of the global drinks industry through time with Maxxium, made him the ideal person to lead Grant Burge Wines. “Jeff’s experience and his engagement with the Barossa will really help ensure the brand stays true to its origins and to Grant and Helen Burge’s ambitions for the business,” East said.

Cask wine under fire as government ponders tax hike
The price of cask wine could double within 18 months, with major drinks companies and health experts lobbying the Abbott government to revamp a tax system that unduly favours bulk wine sales. The federal government is considering changes to rebates for the wine equalisation tax in the May budget, which could signal the first moves towards a broader volumetric tax on alcohol sales in Australia.

Australian wine builds a positive reputation
Early results released from a University of Adelaide-led research project have revealed overseas wine trade and consumers hold very positive feelings about Australians and Australian wine. When trade and consumer focus groups in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and India were asked what they think about Australians and Australian wine they responded with descriptions of ‘authentic’, ‘exciting’, ‘sincere’, ‘strong’ and ‘reliable’.

Treasury Wine Estates stock recovering strongly
Treasury Wine Estates stock price hit a 52-week high this week peaking at AUD$5.89 per share before retreating and closing at $5.89. The stock’s one year return is up 57.66%. It is good news for the wine company as it was less than a year ago when it was fending for a possible takeover from capital private equity firm KKR and Rhone Capital. The company made two different bids last year, which TWE rejected.

Three new Barossa Barons
Peter Gago, Penfolds chief winemaker, Tyson Stelzer, wine journalist, and Grant Dickson, co-owner of fermentAsian restaurant and formerly the wholesale manager for Rockford Wines, have been inducted into the Barons of Barossa. The announcement was made at The Barossa Grand Cellar Dinner at Chateau Tanunda on Thursday night, April 16, and Stephen Henschke, Grand Master of the Barons of Barossa said that three men were well deserving of the recognition.

Aussie market tough for wineries
Near parity with the Australian dollar has presented a speed bump for Hawke's Bay wineries trying to gain traction in the Aussie market. The Kiwi dollar jumped half a cent against the Australian dollar this week, moving above A99c and sparking renewed speculation of parity. The strength of the dollar is putting a strain on exports to Australia for some industries - among them, New Zealand winegrowers. Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Association chairman Michael Henley said the dollar was a hindrance to breaking further into the Australian market for local wineries.

Economic benefits of Marlborough wine festival tallied
Visitors to Marlborough for the region's biggest party spent more than $1.3 million and contributed almost $800,000 to the region's gross domestic product. The first economic impact report for this year's Marlborough Wine & Food Festival, held in February, was released on Friday and shows the economic impact the event has on the region. More than 7800 people attended the event this year, including 230 organisers, 620 staff and 6970 attendees.

New EU rules allow for increased demand
A new scheme for authorizations of vine plantations has been published by the European Commission, which allows for a yearly limit in expansion of the EU’s wine areas. The new rules are in agreement with the reforms in the Common Agricultural Policy in 2013, and were also approved by the European Parliament and the member states. The publication confirms that the member states should, at a national level, manage a system of free, non-transferable planting authorizations.

France, US are world’s top markets for Rosé wine
PARIS, April 17 — The world’s leading producer and consumer of Rosé wines, France is not the only country to succumb to the fruity and floral notes of this summery beverage. According to a study published by FranceAgriMer yesterday, April 16, the popularity of Rosé wines is on the rise around the globe, and the US is the second largest market. French oenophiles consumed around nine million hectoliters of Rosé wine in 2013, representing a 50 per cent increase over the decade.

Exploring the recent rise of grower champagne
Emilien Allouchery from Champagne Allouchery Perseval moved back to the family's eight-hectare Montagne de Reims estate about 10 years ago, having worked overseas for wineries in New Zealand and South Africa. What did he learn, making wine outside of the Champagne region? “English!” he grins. The confidence and individuality of this rock star lookalike is typical of those in the area in which he is working, the milieu of Les Champagnes de Vignerons — Grower Champagne.

Better knowledge means better wine
A €4m (A$5.54m) EU project has the potential to identify new and improved strains of wine microorganisms, which could improve future winemaking. Microorganisms have a myriad of roles in wine production: from helping vines obtain nutrients from the soil, to the yeast and fermentation process that gives wine its delicate flavours and aromas. Microwine has been launched to delve into this complex- poorly understood- world.

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