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News posted on Monday, 19 September 2016

Wine tax rebate reform to squeeze some out
Consultation on reform of the Wine Equalisation Tax Rebate starts next week with exactly who will be eligible for the scaled back rebate high on the agenda.

Morgan Stanley tapped for Accolade Wines float
Morgan Stanley is understood to be one of the banks that will secure a joint lead manager role to float Accolade Wines, according to sources.

Wolf Blass pops the cork - Australian wine giant moves on expansion deal in Thailand
Head winemaker for Wolf Blass Chris Hatcher recently visited Phuket to host an exclusive dinner at Bliss Beach Club, to mark the newly inked partnership, and showcase the brand’s range of premium wines.

Much ado about pinot noir
Pinot bloody noir. For a grape so sparsely planted in this country, there are more paeans of adulation per vine penned about pinot than almost any other grape variety. Even riesling, and that's saying something.

Can you judge a wine by its label?
We've all done it. And don't try and say you haven't done it, because you have. Probably many times. I've done it on hundreds of occasions - bought a wine because I thought the bottle looked cool. Like Pat Underwood's 2016 Little Reddie which has a label based on the cover of Sonic Youth's Goo album.

Down under, up here. Two winemakers to watch
Invited to a chef’s flat in Bethnal Green to meet two winemakers from down under, Nick puts on his hipster beard and gets on the tube.

Marlborough publican Rowan Ingpen on the issues facing Renwick
Renwick is the heart of sauvignon blanc country, surrounded by vineyards and wineries producing the wine that put Marlborough on the map. You can probably find a few bottles of savvy in the Woodbourne Tavern, but being a classic Kiwi pub most punters tend to favour a pint.

Aubrey McClendon Wine Collection Brings $8.44 Million at Auction
The wine collection of late Chesapeake Energy Corp. co-founder Aubrey McClendon sold for $8.44 million on Saturday, above the estimated range and breaking records for some of the rare French bottles.

Master Sommeliers have thicker brains – study
Master Sommeliers require so much mental agility to make the grade that the sensory part of their brains becomes physically thicker, a scientific study has found.

Americans moving in on Piedmont
People went 'crazy' when news broke that a US family had bought the historic Vietti winery in Barolo country. Jane Anson visited Piedmont to test the local sentiment and get the inside track on the sale...

Bordeaux wine industry innovates to suit UK consumers
A quick look at the IRI figures for the top 10 bestselling wine-producing countries in the UK retail trade reveals a stark trend: the Old World is taking a battering and the New World is surging.

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