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News posted on Monday, 18 April 2016

Chinese market now bigger than US for Australian wine
Wine Australia has revealed that the Chinese wine market has now taken over the US wine market in total turnover after a 66 per cent rise over the last year. Wine Australia general manager of marketing, Stuart Barclay, told TheShout that the 66 per cent growth in the Chinese market represented both volume and value sales. “The Chinese market is still very strong, and when you combine this with the Hong Kong market it is worth over $500 million.”

Why Chinese tourists are increasingly keen on Margaret River
Prospective Chinese tourists to Australia are more likely to search for information about Airlie Beach, Hobart and Adelaide than Perth, but they are increasingly interested in Margaret River as a destination, due its reputation for good wine and food. Data from TripAdvisor's China arm revealed searches for Margaret River have risen by 525 per cent over the last year and now make up one quarter of all searches for Perth.

Bamboozlement of international booze guidelines
International guidelines for alcohol consumption are so confusing it's enough to turn you to drink. Scientists who studied low-risk drinking advice around the world concluded that there is a "substantial" risk of misunderstanding. Guidelines were found to vary greatly, with measurements of the amount of alcohol in a "standard drink" ranging from 8g in Iceland and the UK, to 20g in Australia.

Jauma Wines’ McLaren Vale grenache is too good to ignore
In warm climate regions such as South Australia’s McLaren Vale, Grenache is a better grape than Shiraz, especially when it comes to making wines that taste of where they’re from. That’s got your attention, hasn’t it? Well, it has if you’re a wine geek and/or you reckon McLaren Vale Shiraz is the bloody duck’s guts, mate, and Grenache is for girls. I know it’s a generalisation, but the more I taste of the new wave of Grenaches coming out of the region.

How a single vineyard became SA’s Little Italy of the wine world
Over the years this column has focused regularly on the so-called “alternative” or “emerging” wine grape varieties that have created a growing following among winemakers and plenty of tasty adventures for curious consumers. Many of the wines reviewed began their lives in the Adelaide Hills district of Kersbrook at a 120-hectare vineyard grown by Caj Amadio, who began planting there in the late 1990s.

New Delegat full-bodied success story
WELDERS mix with winemakers at the landmark Delegat winery beside the Hawke's Bay Expressway in Hastings. Representing the biggest investment in the region's industry for more than 30 years, currently function is more important than form in the 13,000sq m building under construction, enabling it to process this year's harvest.

End of a ‘challenging’ grape season: Millton
One of the oldest biodynamic estates in the world says they don’t need chemicals in a great environment like this. SOME of the last grapes in the district came off the vines at Manutuke yesterday, marking the end of a challenging season for Millton Vineyards and Winery. “It is the saddest day of the year for us. We have to wait one year to enjoy the fruits of our labour but when you work this hard it is an enjoyment as well,” says winemaker James Millton.

Chinese businessman draws attention of wine salesmen in Italy
Italy's wine producers are happy to see more and more buyers from China to choose Italian wine, especially in this year's wine exposition in Verona, the city of love in Italy. During the 50th edition of the Vinitaly, an annual international wine fair in Verona, many wine producers witnessed a dialogue between Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Alibaba founder and Chairman Jack Ma.

The students in China learning and talking about wine on WeChat
A group called Wine in University, which has close to 7,000 followers across China, meets using smartphone app, which makes it easy to hear expert talks and to chat about wine with fellow enthusiasts. Tencent’s WeChat might be known as a popular messaging app with a built-in wallet function, but for a group of young wine enthusiasts in China, it has become an effective educational tool, too.

Foothills Vineyards guard against frost
Like farmers everywhere, Jackson Starr, winemaker/vineyard manager at Sierra Starr Vineyard & Winery in California’s Northern Foothills, keeps a close eye on the weather. With his 12-acre vineyard just beginning to show growth, he reacted to a forecast of frost yesterday by spraying his crop with a frost-protection product. As it turned out, his property in Grass Valley got a little rain instead, but he’s still worried, so the preventative measures weren’t in vain: The lower vineyards and younger, shallow-rooted vines could still be damaged tonight or later in the week.

Thought Leadership: Sparkling wine
In the latest Cesium Group Thought Leadership event, key figures from the world of sparkling wine gathered to share their insights into the UK market for Champagne, Prosecco, Cava and, of course, English bubbly. The rise of sparkling wine – from Prosecco to Cava and English bubbly brands – has been one of the hottest topics in the drinks trade in recent years.

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