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News posted on Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Winegrowers’ vicious vintage
The wine industry is calling it the ‘vicious vintage’. South Australia’s record heat wave has thrown wine regions into chaos, with prolonged high temperatures accelerating grape ripening to a critical point and putting pressure on production facilities which are full with crushed fruit and fermenting juice.

Organic farmers have internal carbon advantage
Following Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s recent announcement that benefits of carbon sequestered in soil should be investigated for use in new carbon emission reduction markets, Biological Farmers of Australia, Australia’s largest organic representative group, says certified organic farm systems have contributed to carbon storage through soil sequestration for years.

21st century grape research: challenges and opportunities
Springtime in Adelaide, South Australia, just one of many reasons to attend the Eighth International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology in November 2008.

International acclaim for Amorim’s sustainability report
The first Sustainability Report issued by Corticeira Amorim — the world’s leading cork producer — has won a prestigious commendation in the global CR Reporting Awards 2007.

WorkSafe Awards 20 years on - who are today’s safety heroes?
Entries are open for the 2008 WorkSafe Awards, which are celebrating 20 years of recognising excellence in health and safety innovation.



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