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News posted on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Treasury Wine Estates launches ‘Regional Gems’
Treasury Wine Estates yesterday announced that iconic wines from regional Australia will form a key part of the next stage of the company’s global brand strategy. A second portfolio of wines, including regional ‘gems’ from Coldstream Hills, Devil’s Lair, Seppelt, T’Gallant, Heemskerk and Saltram will follow the trajectory established by TWE’s global focus brands; supported by a new team focused on maximising the potential of these regional wines.

Yellowglen launches rainbow label in support of LGBTI
Yellowglen’s iconic Yellow Brut Cuvée is erupting in rainbow flair. From 26 February, Yellowglen’s limited edition Rainbow Celebration Pack will feature the bold rainbow stripes of the LGBTI pride flag. Samantha Wills, Yellowglen Creative Director, championed the introduction of this limited edition sparkling.

Vintage adrenalin rush
There’s a lot of extra energy in the industry at vintage time. The sound of gas guns firing in the distance; the eagerness of grapegrowers comparing Baumes; the sight of both old Bedfords and brand new B Doubles loaded with grapes; meeting purple-stained cellarhands at the local servo and finding out how many tonnes were crushed this week. Nathan Gogoll shares his excitement.

February 2016 Grapegrower & Winemaker magazine out now
The February 2016 issue of the Grapegrower & Winemaker magazine is out now – and is available online for all subscribers. In this issue, award-winning viticulturist Matthew Bailey puts the spotlight on Tumbarumba, calling it the ideal location to produce cool wine in Australia. We also feature an in depth look at the most common mistakes plaguing new grapegrowers and offer solutions to misdiagnosing vineyard problems and preventing future issues in the vines.

ALPINE VALLEY: Expectations high for bumper crop
VIGNERONS and grape growers have swung into harvest – with early reports of a bumper crop and outstanding vintage. The first batch of what will be more than 650 tonnes of grapes to be processed by Michelini Wines arrived at their Myrtleford plant last Thursday. Two truckloads, 16 tonnes each of chardonnay grapes, were delivered after being harvested in the dark in the early hours of the morning.

Tool frontman heads down under to Pinot Noir NZ 2017
Lead singer and lyricist for alternative metal and art-rock acts Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, and winemaker, America’s Maynard James Keenan (MJK) is heading to Pinot Noir NZ 2017. Perhaps best known as a Grammy award-winning vocalist, Keenan is the man behind Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards in Northern Arizona, where he now lives. Keenan says for him this visit to New Zealand, the first in a wine capacity, is as much about education as sharing his own journey.

The appeal of New Zealand wine is only getting stronger
At the rate North Americans are turning on to New Zealand wine, it might be wise for TransCanada to consider an undersea pipeline from Wellington to Vancouver. Who needs Keystone XL when you’ve got a thirst for serious Sauvignon Blanc? In 2015 alone, exports to Canada were up 18 per cent in value, surpassing $92-million, according to New Zealand Winegrowers, the industry trade association.

Millennials top U.S. in wine consumption
There's no shortage of scorn heaped upon millennials for their perceived sense of entitlement, laissez faire attitude toward work and obsession with technology. Now add this: They like to booze it up. Millennials -- in general, people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s -- last year consumed 159.6 million cases, or 42 percent, of all the wine sold in the U.S., surpassing baby boomers and Generation X, according to a recent survey by the Wine Market Council.

How supermarkets sway wine spending
Growing up New York City, wine sales were never – and still aren't – legally permitted in grocery stores; we had to seek out new discoveries at the local wine store. However, as a wine writer I had always been pro free-market trends and had viewed West Coast supermarket wine sales as a step in the right direction. But when I moved to the West Coast a decade ago – first to Seattle and then San Francisco – I started to question what benefits supermarket wine sales actually brought to the local, independent wine market.

Activists protest against Bordeaux pesticide use
Around 600 activists have taken to the streets in Bordeaux to protest against the use of pesticides by the region’s winegrowers. Activists could be seen wearing sanitation masks and suits, and holding placards with messages such as ‘Protect our children’ during the protest in Bordeaux on Sunday. The protest comes after a television documentary, broadcast in France on February 2, which warned about the impact of pesticides on human health and the environment, and which focused specifically on the high level of pesticide use in Bordeaux vineyards, Le Monde reported.

Ningxia introduces winery classification system
Coming into effect in March, Ningxia’s new winery classification system is thought to be China’s first for regulating the production of quality wines in the Helan Mountains. Devised by the Ningxia Helan Mountain East and International Wine Association, the guide will qualify the wineries in Ningxia’s Helan Mountains into five growths (similar to Bordeaux’s 1855 classification) with the first growth being of the highest quality.

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