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News posted on Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dux of the Len Evans Tutorial
The 17th Len Evans Tutorial was held recently in the Hunter Valley from 6th November to 10th November 2017. Scholars come from the fields of winemaking, viticulture, liquor retailing, restaurant, marketing and journalism. The top achievement at the tutorial, known as The Basil Sellers Prize for Dux went to... Source, Winetitles.

SA winery crowned best in wine tourism
On November 9, Veramonte winery in Chile’s Casablanca Valley was the scene of the 2018 international ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards ceremony. The international award winners are chosen from among the ‘Best Of’ winners from each Great Wine Capital. This year, there were 377 entrants and 59 local award winners worldwide. Source, Winetitles.

Dawine Gobi Desert venture burns out
DaWine was the official wine supplier to this years’s Alxa FB-Life Festival in Inner Mongolia, an ode to cars 940,000 in attendance last year. “I had the feeling leaving the event I was surprised we didn’t sell more, based on the amount of people that were there, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t sell what we thought we would," said founder Piers Lewis. Source, Stockhead.

A drinker's guide to the National Wine Show
They'll spend three days swirling, tasting and spitting 1212 wines, across 48 classes, from riesling to tawny port. Blind tastings are done, done again, and Chatto is called in occasionally to settle disagreements. They'll go through 2304 Riedel glasses a day, which are washed and hand-dried with 500 tea towels. Wine shows, like wine, are a complex affair. Source, The Canberra Times.

The role of sensory science in wine
It's a practice in which wine industry experts and critics have a vital role to play. But when they sniff, swirl, slurp and spit, they're doing more than just evaluating the smell, colour and flavour of a wine. They're involved in the complex science of sensory evaluation, which bridges the divide between consumer, producer and marketer. Source, ABC Radio.

What NZ women in wine think
Diversity in the workplace is a catch phrase, too often an empty one when it comes to women in the wine industry. So says Jeni Port, a wine writer based in Melbourne, who addressed the Bragato Conference on the subject of Wine, Women and our Future. Source, Rural News Group.

Unlocking a golden future
“With so much public focus on irrigation and water issues in the media, this is an important opportunity for farmers and growers, the irrigation service industry, researchers, academics, councils and other groups to discuss the future of water management and irrigation systems,”says Andrew Curtis, IrrigationNZ chief executive. Source, Rural News Group.

Azerbaijan opens wine house in China
Azerbaijan, intending to regain its former glory in winemaking, plans to open a wine house in China, the world's second-largest economy, within the promotion of the ‘Made in Azerbaijan’ brand. The relevant agreement was reached by the national export mission in Shanghai, organized by Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation. Source, Azernews.

The gold standard guide to Italian wine
Today sees the official launch of a new book that aims to be the “gold standard for Italian wine”, according to the managing director of Vinitaly International, Stevie Kim. The publication, called Italian Wine Unplugged, is being unveiled today at Bologna’s Eataly World from the Fabrica Italiana Contadina (FICO), which opened its doors this morning. Source, The Drinks Business.

Uruguay - a land full of wine surprises
South America has a long history of wine making and it is on one of the smallest countries, Uruguay, that much interest is currently being focused. It is also the fourth most important wine exporting country in South America after Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Source, The Herts Advertiser.

Canada's Oakanagan Valley
The Okanagan Valley ranks among the most beautiful wine regions in North America, yet it remains relatively unfamiliar to U.S. travelers. (Chalk that up to some frustrating trade barriers that make Canadian wine a non-player in the U.S. market.) Source, Travel and Leisure.

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