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News posted on Friday, 16 June 2017

360 Winery launches
A new cloud-based platform for wineries has launched, taking a holistic approach to managing grape and wine businesses. The system has been integrated with commercial accounting software, freight and banking services and does everything from processing payments to recording harvest data. Source, Winetitles.

Orange, be proud of your product
Wine Australia's Chief Executive Andreas Clark tells the wine industry in Orange to be proud of its product after a recent visit. The wine and agricultural industry innovation forum event was aimed at updating participants on research, key export markets and future opportunities. Source, Central Western Daily.

Tasmania, more like Burgundy than Barossa
This unique region of Australia is far cooler than anywhere else on the continent, and it has more in common with Champagne and Burgundy than with the Barossa Valley. Go there, and you’ll come across some stunning wines. Source, The Guardian.

Man charged over Swan Valley painting theft
A 19-year-old man has been charged with stealing an $8000 painting swiped off the wall at a winery in Perth. The man was on a bus tour at Chapel Farm Winery in Middle Swan on Saturday when he allegedly grabbed the artwork and ran into bushland. Source, WA Today.

Rate hike for north Adelaide farmers binned
A gallery of around 300 primary producers erupted into applause this week as councillors voted not to change the way rates are distributed — a move that received about 1700 written submissions in the past three weeks. Source, Adelaide Now.

French vandals destroy wine, mostly French
In the past week and change, the Comité d'Action Viticole (CAV) struck two wineries in the Aude and the Hérault, in the Languedoc-Roussillon viticultural region. But what these so-called men d'action viticole possess in reactionary bravado they seem to lack in wine-identifying skills: Most of the wine they spilled was French, not Spanish. Source, Wine Spectator.

Fifty years and counting
The Golan Heights Winery brought Israeli wine to the world’s attention, and is keeping it there. Golan Heights proved to be the theatre that fermented the quality revolution of Israeli wine, changing the fortunes of our wine industry forever and bringing back a golden age of Israeli wine for the first time in 2,000 years. Source, The Jerusalem Post.

"So good that tears came out of my eyes"
Staffan Hansson, one of the most respected wine collectors in the world, talks about the beginning of his love affair with wine, and shows us his Stockholm cellar and some of its treasures. Source, Christie's.

Majestic wine recovers
The boss of Majestic Wine has claimed the company is “past the tipping point” as it continues its transformation plan, despite falling to a full-year loss. The UK’s largest wine retailer said sales were up nearly 16pc in the year to April 3, with underlying revenues rising 11.4pc to £461m on a year-on-year basis. Source, The Telegraph.

The history of Sauvignon Blanc
Just how Sauvignon Blanc came to be such a winner here in New Zealand is open to a lot of interpretation. But in the following article, the one man who can be credited first and foremost with introducing Sauvignon to New Zealand, explains how it came about. Source, Rural News Group.

Making Marlborough pure
A group of producers in Marlborough believe the time has come for the region to adopt a 100% Pure strategy to protect the region’s reputation and preserve the integrity and value of the Marlborough wine industry. Source, Rural News Group.





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