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News posted on Monday, 14 December 2015

Clare Valley growers access Murray River for irrigation after years of lobbying
Clare Valley wine grape growers have struck a deal with SA Water which will allow them access to irrigation water from the River Murray. The deal is the result of six years of lobbying and will allow grape growers a 400 megalitre allocation of water a year. Over 50 irrigators across the Clare Valley have signed up to the scheme with the region's biggest producers taking up the bulk of the available allocation.

Destination Rutherglen elects new board
RUTHERGLEN is set to make its mark over the next year following the introduction of a new tourism board just days after the town received a federal government funding boost. Destination Rutherglen welcomed three new board members to carry on the work of last year's leaders. Executive Officer for Wine and Tourism Natalie Ajay said they would work to put the town “back on the map”.

Handmade wine with threads of charity
McLaren Vale winemaker Jodie Armstrong comes from a long line of dressmakers. “I sew, my mother sewed, my grandmother sewed and my daughter sews,” she says. “With winemaking, you need that same attention to detail to get your grapes right and it’s exactly the same in the winery.” Armstrong is primarily a horticulturalist, taking care of vineyards in both the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale.

The scientific puzzle that is rotundone
Rotundone continues to both baffle and delight the experts. Since 2007, when an AWRI team revealed that this compound found in grape skins is responsible for the distinctive black pepper flavours in many Shiraz wines, scientists have been working to understand the factors that influence its presence and potency. However, each new discovery brings new questions. Why, for example, is the impact greatest in cool climate regions and on the cool side of the grapes when standard chemistry tells us that chemical reactions typically run faster when it is hotter?

Tickets on sale for WCA gala dinner
The Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) and Sydney Royal Wine Show will be hosting gala dinner in February and tickets are now on sale. The black tie dinner will celebrate the history of the Sydney Royal Wine Show and will showcase Australia's award-winning wines. WCA NSW chair, Lisa Webber, told TheShout: "Wine Comminciators of Australia want to celebrate and acknowledge the contribution of the Sydney Royal Wine Show to the diversity of Australian wine styles as well as look to the future for Australian wine both locally and overseas.”

Wine chief Scutts loses appeal in kickbacks case
Ex-wine boss Peter Scutts' convictions have been upheld in a case where he was found to have taken almost $65,000 in kickbacks. Court of Appeal's Justices Paul Heath, Rhys Harrison and David Collins today dismissed Scutts' appeal against his conviction on 16 charges of dishonestly using a document and one Secret Commission Act charge of receiving secret reward for procuring contracts.

Triangle wines mark their success
When it came to getting together this week to toast a remarkable string of national and international awards for wines from Hawke's Bay's Bridge Pa 'Triangle', none of the 10 winery representatives who turned up arrived empty handed. They arrived with award-winning wines from what has quickly become a firmly established part of the region's winemaking landscape. "We are on a red hot run," was how Bridge Pa Triangle Association chairman Paul Ham from Alpha Domus put it.

About 500 bottles of counterfeit wine destroyed in Texas
AUSTIN, Texas — About 500 bottles of counterfeit wine have been destroyed in Texas in a case linked to a California dealer who mixed cheap vintages and sold them for millions of dollars. Rudy Kurniawan in 2013 was convicted of mail and wire fraud in federal court in New York. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, ordered to forfeit $20 million and must make nearly $25 million in restitution.

How the UN is trying to save wine from climate change
The UN Climate Change Conference brought some 40,000 delegates, observers and journalists to a city still shaken after the horrific November attacks that took the lives of 130 people and injured many more. A Russian reporter attended the conference long’s sessions and tried to read between the lines of the draft texts. Can ice cream be political? It can, if it’s the right kind of ice cream.

English sparkling wine sales up 188% from last year
English sparkling wine is expected to be among the drinks of choice as the nation celebrates this Christmas and New Year. Sales of English sparkling wine rocketed in 2015 with one leading supermarket reporting a year-on-year increase of 188 per cent. New figures published by Waitrose revealed that customers were buying 80 per cent more English wine than they did last year.

China discovers dinner wine
Recently, there has been a boom in the wine industry in China as more and more young people have gone abroad to travel or to study and developed a taste for dinner wine. Just as Napa Valley, California and the Bordeaux region in France are famous for their table wines, now a region in China on the edge of the Gobi desert called Ningxia is becoming a hub for winemaking.

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