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News posted on Friday, 14 October 2016

$10,000 Tasmanian Viticulture Fellowship announced
The sixth recipient of the $10,000 Dr Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Award, presented by the Alcorso Foundation, has been announced as Francine Austin of Delamere Vineyards. Fran will undertake a study tour of Champagne to investigate the vineyard, winemaking and marketing practices of this benchmark sparkling wine region. In particular, Fran will explore the specific economic and environmental sustainability of Champagne growers / producers and the relationship they have with Champagne Houses. These relevant learnings will be shared with the diversity of Tasmanian sparkling wine business and production models in Tasmania. Potential linkages between Tasmania and Champagne will also be explored during Fran’s travel.

PhD students and Coonawarra vignerons working together
An initiative designed to bring together PhD wine industry research students and regional vignerons commenced today in the Coonawarra wine region; and the first-time in regional South Australia. Under the ‘Regional Program’ funded by Wine Australia, the Limestone Coast Grape and Wine Council partnered with the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production (TC-IWP) – based at the University of Adelaide, to deliver the unique program. Each of the eleven students gave a 10-minute snap-shot presentation on topics ranging from: berry shrivel and cell death; optimization of early harvest regimes; the alcohol ‘sweet spot’ and the use of RO; and, extracting greater benefit from waste components of vinification.

Scholarships to support the next generation of grape and wine researchers
Wine Australia is inviting applications from grape and wine focused PhD and Masters by Research students for scholarships to commence in 2017. Wine Australia is inviting applications from grape and wine focused PhD and Masters by Research students for scholarships to commence in 2017. Each year, Wine Australia provides scholarships to postgraduate students studying in the fields of wine, viticulture and wine business to assist new researchers in the sector.

The Perth Food & Wine Expo is on for the second time and promises big things this year.
Two new feature areas will keep things interesting. The Kurrajong Kitchen Cheese Alley will showcase the best cheese in the biz, while at the Luigi Bormioli glass masterclass you can sample four wines for $50 and get a take-home set of four glasses valued at $70. Last year 13,000 people strolled through the Expo doors, which according to CTM Events sales and events coordinator Emily John was a magic number.

Wine Tastings Are Boring, Wine Parties Are the Future
Imagine a wine event that’s … fun. You don’t have a pencil in your hand. You’re not racking your brain for clever things to say on brightness or salinity. You can just say, “Yum. Can I have more?” Pinot Palooza is back this Saturday for its fifth and biggest year yet. A wine party celebrating pinot noir, the one-day festival features DJs, great food and more than 100 wine producers. We chat to Dan Sims, the event’s organiser and founder of Bottle Shop Concepts, about why you should get a whole lot of pinot into your life this weekend.

Cape Coast sea breeze ideal for new Riesling vineyard for Clearview Estate
Clearview Estate in Hawke’s Bay is taking advantage of an abundant natural resource - the onshore wind fondly known on the Cape Coast, as ‘the doctor’. Over 400 Riesling grapevines have been planted in its Te Awanga front paddock over the past week, and the sea breeze, in addition to the stony soil, will have a big impact on the resulting wine style. The new Riesling vineyard is considered to be among the closest to the sea in New Zealand, and Clearview winemaker and co-owner Tim Turvey says the wind will cool and moderate grape ripening.

Pioneering Marlborough vineyard for sale
A pioneering vineyard that led the conversion from sheep farming to grape growing in its region has been placed on the market for sale, ending six generations of family ownership. Francis Estate Vineyard at Ward, South-East Marlborough, was established as a sheep and beef breeding farm by Frederick William (Billy) Francis and his wife Agnus Elizabeth Francis in 1905. The farm remained a meat and wool production focused operation until the late 1980s when the removal of farm subsidies affected the profitability of the sector nationwide. Seeking better yields from the land, the great-great-grandchildren of founder Frederick Francis planted grapes, while part of the farm was retained for grazing and cropping purposes.

Free red wine fountain opens in Italy
The town of Caldari di Ortona in Abruzzo has installed a free, 24-hour wine fountain. The fountain was put in place by the Dora Sarchese winery and is primarily designed to quench the thirst of pilgrims taking the Cammino di San Tommaso, thousands of who pass by every year. The winery has not said what wine is dispensed from the fountain but the region is the home of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane DOCG. It added it was not there for people to get drunk but was a gift to the town and its pilgrims.

Tory ministers drank their way through £50k of top notch wine from their cellar last year, figures show
TOP ministers guzzled nearly £50,000 of top notch booze from the Westminster cellar last year, figures today revealed. Politicians and their guests necked 3,730 bottles, with the average cost per bottle £12.66. English and Welsh wine was the most drunk tipple, making up 44 per cent of the total booze consumed in 2015, the same as in 2014. The government’s cellar, which was established in 1922, contains 33,669 bottles of wine and spirits with a total stock value of £809,990 – while in the shops the cellar would cost you an estimated £3.25million.

Red-Wine Compound Holds Potential for Treating Respiratory Infections
From fighting depression to curing cancer, the potential of resveratrol seems sky-high, spurring both excitement and skepticism. Much of the scientific research surrounding the polyphenolic compound, found in grape skins and red wine, has focused on its ability to relieve inflammation. But how it does that has remained largely unknown. Now, researchers at Georgia State University (GSU) have zeroed in on a specific function of resveratrol that could shed more light.

Bottoms up! Research finds women drink more wine
University of Memphis graduate Christine Cabrera once ended her day by kicking off her shoes and crawling into bed with her laptop to read the latest Buzzfeed articles, but not anymore. Now that she started her first real job, she likes to wind down with a tall glass of wine. Her favorite is a Riesling. Cabrera’s habits are not unique. Wine consumption is a growing trend across the United States, and women are the driving force behind it. In fact, women account for 57 percent of wine volume in America, according to a study conducted by Jennifer Pagano, the director of Research for Wine Market Council.





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