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News posted on Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Victorian grower response to Paul Clancy's over-supply analysis
Laurie Martin, owner of Ancient River Vineyard in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, has contributed his thoughts on the Australian wine industry’s over-supply situation, in response to Paul Clancy’s article published as last week’s Daily Wine News Friday Forum. I read Paul Clancy’s article with great interest and was struck by his grasp of events and ability to summarise various issues – particularly around the issue of leadership. The wine industry has begun to meander while taking on some of the countenance of large corporations (be they commercial enterprises or Government departments) where decisions seem to be made slowly by people remote from day-to-day operations. With a strategy for the industry focussing on regional heroes, are these heroes to be found in the CBD’s of our State capitals or in vineyards coping with the realities of nature or wineries where collars and ties are viewed with suspicion?

Australian wine researchers a step closer to predicting consumer choice
Australian wine market researchers have discovered that the shelf rating by a wine writer or respected reviewer is the most important factor that influences consumer’s choice when buying wine.

Record medal count at Riverland Wine Show
The Riverland Wine Show Society is pleased to release the results of the 2008 Riverland Wine Show, noting a record percentage of medals per entrant of 59%. There were 22 gold, 34 silver, and 147 bronze medals awarded. The 6% gold strike rate was above the national average of 4%.

Eric Semmler awarded 2008 Riverland Winemaker of the Year
The Riverland Wine Show Society in conjunction with JMA Engineering is pleased to announce that Eric Semmler was awarded as the 2008 JMA Riverland Winemaker of the Year.

New 2008 Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc set to impress
Secret Stone, one of New Zealand’s leading wineries, today celebrated the launch of the latest addition to their award-winning portfolio, the 2008 Sauvignon Blanc.

Pellenc’s Selectiv’ Process is coming to Australia
Pellenc’s new Selectiv’ Process on-board sorting system, which has created a whirlwind of interest in Europe and New Zealand, is coming to Australia for the 2009 vintage. The system, comprises a high frequency de-stemmer and an on-board sorting table, has resulted in a marked increase in the sales of Pellenc harvesters, as it offers a level of harvest quality which has never been seen before. Of particular interest is the system’s ability to remove more than 90% of petioles from the sample – a task which has challenged grape harvester manufacturers for years.

New board to oversee grape and wine research and development
A new Board has been appointed to oversee strategic investment in research and development for the Australian grape and wine industry.

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