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News posted on Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Where there’s smoke there’s not necessarily taint
The most concerted effort yet to understand how, when, where and why smoke affects wine grapes kicks into gear this vintage. Victorian-based researchers will accompany authorities to the site of controlled burns in and around wine regions to monitor the movement and make-up of the smoke to get a better idea of the patterns of impact. "The missing component in all the research that’s been done to date is the smoke composition work," said co-project leader Dr Ian Porter.

Nick O'Leary creates wine for Canberra Day
It's Canberra's birthday this week so what better way to celebrate than with a wine of its own. Winemaker Nick O'Leary and Local Liquor have teamed up to create Canberra its own wine - a Shiraz.

Tastes of Rutherglen draws record crowd
Tastes of Rutherglen topped all records of previous years. The two-day progressive gourmet dining experience attracted increased online ticket sales and meals served over the weekend-long festival. Winemakers of Rutherglen executive officer Natalie Ajay said online pre-sale tickets were up more than 30 per cent this year.

Relaxed vintage in the Central Ranges
Windowrie Wines, who source grapes from Orange through Cowra and on to Hilltops, is in a perfect position to gauge the quality of the vintage from NSW’s Central Ranges. “It is all coming together,” said Jason O’Dea, “this is the my first vintage were all the ‘ducks are in a row’. It certainly takes a lot of the stress out of vintage.”

WA winery prioritises employee education
Education is a crucial element of success in the winemaking industry, which is why Howard Park Wines is committed to supporting their staff in furthering their knowledge in the wine industry. Vineyard Supervisor Tristan is a perfect example of how this initiative pays off for both the employee and Howard Park Wines themselves. Currently studying a Bachelor of Viticulture part time at Charles Sturt University while still working full time on the vineyard.

#V17 Biosecurity Tips
#V17 tip #7: Do not allow unauthorised vehicles to drive within your vineyard. Provide a vineyard vehicle for use if necessary. #Vinehealth

East Coast deluge threatens grape harvest
Wet weather is jeopardising this year's grape crop, Gisborne winegrowers say. After suffering through near-drought conditions a month ago, some parts of the east coast of the North Island have had 200 millimetres of rain fall in the past month. Gisborne Winegrowers Association spokesperson Doug Bell said the heavy rain was causing problems for crops that were ready to pick and was setting the harvesting schedule back.

Vineyard posts a 'charcoal' grey area
The wine industry should protect New Zealand's clean, green image by ditching chemically-treated vineyard posts, a Marlborough councillor says. Thousands of posts are stockpiled around the region, and lingering traces of chemicals may be dangerous if vineyards are rezoned into residential areas.

More women graduating with winemaking degrees
More women than men have graduated in the last three years from a science-intensive program in Canada - oriented around grape-growing and wine-making. Debbie Inglis, the director of Brock's Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute, said the success of women in winemaking is opening opportunities for other young women.

Bud break spreading through North Coast
With springlike temperatures finally arriving over the weekend, North Coast winemakers and viticulturists said Monday that bud break in vineyards has begun in earnest, signalling the start of the grape growing season. “They are just going nuts,” said Dan Barwick, winemaker at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines on the winery’s 156-acre estate.

Does Napa have too much Cabernet?
Does Napa Valley have too much Cabernet? And does it charge too much for it? These questions were not on the agenda, but unexpectedly popped up this week at a Napa Valley Grapegrowers' conference. "We all know about vineyards that should probably be planted to other things that are being planted to Cabernet for economic reasons," said sommelier Kelli White. "That's going to end up being underwhelming Cabernet at premium prices."

TWE MD Dan Townsend has passed away
Dan Townsend, who has worked in the drinks trade for the past 30 years, died in California on a work trip. He was 53. This report from Harpers.co.uk

On-premise recovery in Australia and New Zealand
The amount of imported wine on Australian wine lists fell for the first time in five years according to research just released by Wine Business Solutions. At 34% of all listings, imported wines dipped by 7.5% compared to what they were at this time last year.

International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show comes to London in 2018
Beverage Trade Network is pleased to announce the launch of the International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in London on 24 & 25 January, 2018.





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