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News posted on Thursday, 13 April 2017

NZ overtakes Aus wine exports to USA
Americans are falling in love with pricey New Zealand wines at the expense of cheaper vino from Australia and Argentina. New Zealand is reaping dividends from pushing quality wines at higher prices to the lucrative American market, where drinkers are becoming increasingly discerning.

Somms of the world pleasantly surprised
London-based sommelier Donald Edwards said the visit to Heathcote opened his eyes to new wine suppliers from the region. “I’m seeing a very different aspect of Heathcote,” he said. Many of the somms who visited the Heathcote region are now considering it in a new light.

Turning a winery in to a wedding venue
Kingsley Grove winery are utilising their rural location as a pull factor for country weddings. Located on the quiet end of Kingaroy, the winery is now offering 100pax weddings, with camping options and cottages nearby for the bride and groom. Although the winery had not offered weddings in a past, they have a plan to guarantee things run smoothly.

Tasmania's vineyard of the year
Like many traditional woolgrowers on Tasmania's dry east coast, the farm decided to diversify into wine grapes more than two decades ago. Converting from wool to wine ended up to be a worthwhile venture as the vineyard has just won a prestigious award.

Quality over quantity
The Alpine Valley region has seen a dismal loss in its production this year, but local growers are remaining satisfied as market trends are conveniently changing to meet their decreasing supply. Although bad weather might be to blame, some growers aren't producing less by accident.

New York bill to allow out of state wine shipments
“Consumers of fine wine in New York State are slowly learning that it is currently illegal for them to receive shipments from out-of-state wine stores. They cannot fathom why these shipments would be illegal, while out of state wineries, New York state wineries, and New York state retailers are legally able to ship them wine.” said Tom Wark, executive director of the National Association of Wine Retailers.

Bill passed to allow wine dispensers in bars
It would allow alcohol permit holders, such as restaurants and bars, to issue specially coded cards to patrons, who then could use them to draw beer or wine themselves from an automated machine on the site. Regulations are being planned if the bill is to progress.

Acker sells counterfeit Domaine de la Romanée-Conti
American auction house Acker Merrall & Condit faces a new accusation regarding the sale of counterfeit Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC) La Tâche 1967 and 1960 at their March 25 auction held at Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong, after fine wine authentication expert Maureen Downey posted a comment alerting dbHK about the authenticity of some lots.

Dismal global wine production for 2016
World wine output dropped in 2016, with volumes in France and Argentina seeing the largest declines, an international wine body said Tuesday. The word's total wine-growing surface remained stable at 7.5 million hectares, so why is production falling?

NZ viticulture on the up
Sales growth in the wine regions of New Zealand have played a part in the overall growth of the country's viticulture and horticultural industries. Sales of wine and machinery are on the rise, and are set to continue along that path for the near future.

Wine merchandising causing a fuss
The Palmerston North District Licensing Committee held a hearing on Wednesday to test whether it should impose conditions on Melody's New World's proposed new alcohol area. The law has changed since the supermarket's licence was last reviewed, so it now has to restrict liquor displays and marketing to a single alcohol area.





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