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News posted on Tuesday, 12 December 2017

US Congress may cut wine tax
Legislation being considered in Congress this month could knock a few cents off the price of your favorite IPA, put more money in the pocket of your local brewer or make specialty liquors significantly cheaper. Source, The Citizen Times.

Long awaited EU Japan trade deal finalised
The EU and Japan have formalised a free trade deal that will reduce red tape and offer preferential access for imports between both countries after more than four years of negotiations. The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) was agreed in principal at the EU-Japan Summit on 6 July 2017. However it was not formalised until last week. Source, The Drinks Business.

A wine tour of the Balkans
Think of the Balkans, and its flourishing wine scene isn’t immediately what comes to mind. But throughout its turbulent recent history, there has remained one certainty: the robust Balkan vineyards, which are some of the oldest in the world. Source, The Evening Standard.

#V18 pre-vintage biosecurity tips
Tip#3: Planning your induction program for vintage employees and contractors? Include key information about biosecurity. #Vinehealth www.vinehealth.com.au

Italian vermouth is having a moment
All vermouth starts its life out as wine (white or red), before an array of herbs and spices —including Artemisia—are added to affect flavor and smell. A spike of spirit preserves its shelf life, in a process known as fortification. Source, Food and Wine.

Cuisine mag's top Rose for 2017
New Zealand is under the spell of rose. It is currently the fastest-growing wine category in the country, as shown by the sharp increase of entries into this Cuisine tasting – up 20 per cent from last year. The growth in quantity is matched by an upswing in quality. Source, Stuff.

Sommit scholars for 2018
New Zealand Winegrowers has today announced the names of two New Zealand-based sommeliers selected to participate in the 2018 New Zealand Winegrowers International Sommelier Scholarship. It’s the first time New Zealanders will take part in the scholarship programme. Source, Winetitles.

CHOICE says wine 'exploits' kilojoule labelling
Australian winemakers agree in part with CHOICE – consumers should be comparing options when choosing their festive drinks, especially alcoholic content but also kilojoule information. But Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) Chief Executive said CHOICE claims a labelling “loophole” was being “exploited” by the alcohol industry about kilojoule information were misleading. Source, Winetitles.

Ruston urges ERWSP grant applicants
The $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package aims to attract 40,000 international tourists to Australia’s iconic wine regions through its two year span. The additional tourists that the package aims to attract are worth $170 million to the Australian economy. Source, Winetitles.

Updating our anti-phylloxera armoury
Comprehensive trials by Agriculture Victoria scientists in Rutherglen have found that more care needs to be used to ensure that footwear disinfestation is effective. The Agriculture Victoria team’s work involves a comprehensive set of trials to both re-assess our current responses to the damaging grapevine pest phylloxera and develop new ways to manage and, where possible, control new detection. Source, Wine Australia.

Penfolds pushes boundaries of winemaking
Some might consider Peter Gago, the chief winemaker at Penfolds, an intractable contrarian. About 5 years ago, Australia’s premier wine label decided to honour its country’s native artisans by enlisting four leading talents to produce an ampoule to house a rare wine. Source, The Robb Report.

Wine exports flourish amid low rainfall
The value of wheat exports are predicted to fall 18%, canola down by 52%, barley less by 41%, chickpeas to dip by 32% and sugar to drop by 13%. But export earnings are forecast to increase for livestock products, as well as cotton and wine. Source, The Weekly Times.

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