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News posted on Friday, 12 September 2008

Yeast breakthrough - exclusive for Wine Industry Journal readers
In a world first, scientists at the Australian Wine Research Institute have sequenced the wine yeast genome, unlocking the secret to what makes wine yeast tick.

Lack of succession planning is a small business ‘time bomb’
The failure of the Baby Boomer generation business owners to make adequate provision for their retirement is like a time bomb ticking in the business community, according to a leading business expert.

Death of wine industry leader
A former Board member of Murray Valley Winegrowers (MVW) Inc, Guy Darling, has died aged 83.

Re-launch of Victorian Wines Show website
“The Victorian Wines Show website re-launch started me thinking about people’s thoughts on the purpose of wine shows and the judging process,” Victorian Wines Show director, Karen Docherty said.

Quick stats update from CellarDoorMETRICS®
Cellar doors in South Australia’s Limestone Coast topped our rolling, four week average visitor spend per cellar door, grossing $49.24 per visitor.

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