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News posted on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Golden rules to a New World order
"One of my pet hates is a winery that puts a sticker on their product that doesn't relate to the wine or even vintage of the wine. For example I had a bottle that had a gold sticker on it but when I read the small (very small) print on the actual sticker it said the winery was established in 1996," writes Neil Hodgson for Stuff.

New vineyard tech 'you couldn't even dream of'
As the use of technology in the wine sector increases, it paints a very different picture of what New Zealand vineyards looked like several decades ago. Artificial Intelligence is now being used to accurately count grapes as part of a new Lincoln Agritech research project. Source, Stuff.

Businesses destroyed, 15 dead in California
Fast-moving wildfires burning across northern California’s wine country have claimed at least 15 lives and destroyed an estimated 1,500 homes and commercial buildings. More than 100 people have been injured, 150 are missing, 3000 remain in shelters, with numbers set to rise. Source, News.

Business impacted for years to come in Cali
The wine business, for all of the romance associated with it, can be brutally difficult. But what has been happening since Sunday night in California’s famed wine country is an order of magnitude beyond. Once the final accounting is done it may well prove to be without precedent. Source, Forbes.

Three choirs re-brand as English wine soars
English winery Three Choirs has undergone a rebrand and relabelled its entire range for the first time in 10 years to capture the spirit of the English countryside around its vineyards. Source, The Drinks Business.

A hillside gravity-fed architectural marvel
Martin's Lane Winery is situated within the scenic Okanagan Valley, near the city of Kelowna in British Columbia. Seattle-based studio Olson Kundig Architects was asked to create a new facility that uses the gentle pull of gravity to produce Pinot Noir wine. Source, De Zeen.

Cork adds £5 to the value of wine
How much does a cork stopper add to the value of wine sold in the UK restaurant sector? Exactly £5.38, according to research released by APCOR yesterday. The same research also showed that the retail price of cork-sealed wine increased by over 11% since 2015, compared to 6% for other closure types. Source, The Drinks Business.

Life as a professional wine taster
Have you ever thought about quitting your job to become a professional wine taster? You might need to practise spitting and find yourself a good dentist. According to the Royal Melbourne Wine Awards' chief judge Tom Carson, it is the only way to get through sampling more than 3,000 of Victoria's best wines in just five days. Source, The ABC.

California fires hit Treasury Wine Estates
Deadly wildfires raging across northern California have caused what Treasury Wine Estates calls "limited damage" to its assets in the region. Treasury owns and operates about 3,750 planted hectares of vineyards in the US, including in the fire-hit Sonoma County and Napa Valley. Source, InDaily.

Tourism growth on the Murray
Tourism visitation to the Murray region has boomed, according to the recent statistics released by Tourism Research Australia. The results focused on the quarterly visitation statistics for year ending in June of this year. Source, Triple M.

New vintage of Future Leaders
A new generation of leaders will be launched into the wine sector today. Sixteen young members of the Australian wine sector’s Future Leaders program have graduated after an intensive schedule that will prepare them to be the next generation of leaders in Australian wine. Source, Winetitles.





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