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News posted on Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Women in wine award dates announced
The Australian Women in Wine Awards today announces the key dates for the 2017 awards, as well as two brand new award categories for this, its third year. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony and tasting at Australia House in London. Source, Winetitles.

Sniffer dogs brought in to fight phylloxera
A pilot project has Agriculture Victoria scientists working with sniffer dogs and the tiny insect phylloxera, the world’s worst grapevine pest. The dogs keen sense of smell and fondness of digging makes them the ideal helper. Source, Shepparton News.

Calabria Family Wines go alternative
Montepluciano, nero d’avola and aglianico are celebrated red grape varieties in Italy, but still unfamiliar to most Australian wine drinkers – something Emma Norbiato and Bill Calabria have set out to remedy. Source, The Newcastle Herald.

Upper Hunter sees economic recovery
Speaking as part of a panel discussion at the breakfast, Brett Keeping, general manager of Two Rivers Wines and Vice-President of the Upper Hunter Winemakers Association, said there were positive signs that the wine industry was recovering from a prolonged downturn. Source, The Newcastle Herald.

Angry French winemakers trash Spanish wines
Dozens of winegrowers from France's Languedoc region swept through three supermarkets in Nîmes on March 30, in search of wine they believe is threatening their livelihood: low-priced Spanish wine. The vigilante vignerons climbed the shelves, smashing wine bottles and emptying boxed wine cartons onto the floor of the aisle. Source, Wine Spectator.

Chateau China
Changyu, China's winemaking powerhouse, is building French-style chateaus and Italianate castles around the country, as well as an an entire "Wine City", to encourage the country's passion for the grape. Source, Bloomberg.

Africa's world of wine
Europe, North America, and Australia may be at the top of the wine heap, but there is another world of wine - on the African continent. Wine is not high on the consumption list for locals but the country shows promise of growth. Source, Forbes.

Algodon Fine Wines partners with Sherry-Lehmann
Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group, a real estate development brand, has partnered with Sherry-Lehmann Wine & Spirits, a leading wine and spirits merchant to bring Algodon Fine Wines' portfolio of award-winning Malbec wines produced in the San Rafael, Mendoza, to the United States. Source, Market Watch.

Australian Winemakers welcome the Federal Budget
The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) has welcomed the 2017 Federal Budget, which has confirmed the wine industry reforms announced by the Government last year. Source, Winetitles.

New head of Gisborne Winegrowers
Gisborne Winegrowers has new leadership and direction. Annie Millton from Millton Vineyards and Winery has taken over the reins of the organisation and Bobby Clark has been employed to help co-ordinate and promote the wine region. Source, The Gisborne Herald.

What it takes to be a sommelier
Anong Klinyoo founded A-LLURE, a wine distributor that has made it possible for Kiwis to have an authentic Thai wine experience. She shares her thoughts and experiences with the industry as well as what she looks for when finding a match. Source, M2Woman.

The Waitaki Valley
The Waitaki Valley is home to 14 different wineries. Its location, with a cool summer and a long, dry autumn makes it perfect for producing cool climate wines. Its mineral-rich former seabed earth gives the wines a distinct character. Source, New Zealand Doctor.





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