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News posted on Monday, 8 February 2016

Register now for the 16th AWITC
Registrations for the 16th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference are now open! Returning to Adelaide in July 2016, this year’s AWITC incorporates the WFA Outlook Conference and the McWilliam’s Maurice O’Shea Award Dinner for the first time. Don’t miss the up-to-date business and technical content, practical workshops, and posters that present the latest scientific advances.

Sydney Police question wine bar over wine list
On Saturday night Giovanni Paradiso, co-owner of Sydney institutions Fratelli Paradiso and 10 William Street posted a photo on Instagram. It was an image of 10 William Street’s chalkboard wine list, with the caption, “So according to NSW POLICE FORCE our blackboard with what we are pouring by the glass is promoting unsavoury behaviour. SYDNEY WHAT THE F**K IS HAPPENING.”

China wine: Why Australian drops are dominating in the world's largest population
Australian wines are the flavour of the year in the world's two largest populations: with China bestowing the highest honours on our reds and India looking to learn more. Last year, Wine Australia figures showed Australian wine exports to China increased 66 percent, worth $370 million. The love affair continues this year with more Aussie wines being awarded in the China Wine and Spirits Best Value Awards this week than any other country.

Michael Clarke needs US drinkers to raise a glass to Treasury Wine Estates
Treasury Wine Estates, the maker of Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Rosemount, is worth almost three times as much as when it was split off from Foster's Group in mid-2011 and started life as a stand-alone company without the waft of beer smells coming over the wall from Foster's core Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught and Crown Lager brands.

Natural wine, orange wine and pet nat - the millennials’ choice
It’s a Friday afternoon. You’ve finished work and taken a seat at the new wine bar everyone’s talking about. You’re not sure what to drink and the sharp young waiter talks of a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley. You dive in. But it’s not what you expected: a luscious, dry Sancerre style came to mind, and what is poured is a cloudy, pale drink.

A tale of two industries
If the New Zealand wine industry were a person, the word that would drive her friends to distraction with its repetition would undoubtedly be ‘pure’. So frequent is its use – whether in tasting notes or in marketing material – it has the feel of an infectious verbal tick. Rather like the ‘look, mate’ that routinely introduces the post-game comments of every Australian sportsman, rare is the chat with the Kiwi winemaker that doesn’t feature a reference to the purity of the wine or terroir.

Strong minds key to our wine success
THE 2016 New Zealand Chardonnay and Sparkling Wine Symposium was in full swing yesterday. Attendees start the day with the event entitled Past, Present and Beyond . . . The Tale of New Zealand Chardonnay and Sparkling, with a 9am sparkling wine tasting. They then had lunch on the riverbank in the city centre, chardonnay tastings, and a farewell dinner at Midway Beach.

French vintners left pink-faced over fake Rosé wine
Some people may wrongly believe that Rosé wine is made by mixing red and white wine but vintners should know better -- as one French winemaking group learned when they were hit with a fine for doing just that. The Vinovalie wine-growing association, based in the southwestern Tarn region, was fined more than 10,000 euros (11,000) for turning to the simple art of colour mixing to obtain the pink-hued drink, a legal source said Friday.

Wines with animal instinct
An AC Nielsen report of 2008 talked about how 20 per cent of new table wines in the US featured animals on their labels, and that sales of 'critter' wines had crossed $600 million. What is it about "critter" wine labels that attracts producers? "Critter" is slang for an animal or living creature, and "critter labels" offer animal motifs - either real or stylised - as a way of connecting with consumers.

Drones are saving the California wine industry
Amidst one of the worst droughts in California history, winemakers are getting creative in the way they grow water intensive crops in order to maintain production, profit and drinking demand. Instead of fearing California’s water crisis, winemaker Hahn Vineyards has decided to worth around the drought and outsmart the El Nino winter rains with the use of drones.

US: Cheers! The best winery in every state
America leads the world in consumption of wine; we drank more than 3.2 million litres of it last year according to the Wine Institute. And while imports are a large part of our consumption, there are almost 8,000 producing wineries in the U.S. They accounted for 350 million gallons of wine production last year, making us the fourth largest wine producing country in the world.





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