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News posted on Monday, 7 August 2017

Four Winds takes out label design award
On the back of winning Overall Supreme Champion at the Drinks International Wine Design Challenge, it was announced yesterday that the Canberra District’s Four Winds Vineyard has also won Best Redesign and Supreme Champion at London's 2017 Harpers Design Awards for its new range of wine labels. Source, Winetitles.

Riverland growers receive small compensation
Riverland growers have received just $717,000 in storm recovery grants after last year’s catastrophic hailstorm caused $74 million in damage to the region. Source, Winetitles.

The curious world of biodynamic winemaking
Filling cow horns with fresh manure and burying them for six months sounds bizarre, but the substance that is dug up becomes the basis of biodynamic farming. Source, The ABC.

Chinese wine tourism increases 300%
Australian tour operator AAT Kings has reported a huge increase in Chinese bookings for Australian wine tours. Between 2015 and 2016 there was a 300% increase in Chinese bookings for the company's wine tours. Source, Drinks Central.

Great Aussie wines in the UK
Wine contributor at The Guardian, David Williams, compiled three of his favourite Australian wines available in the UK. "It has to be said the country’s pre-eminent position in the UK’s wine shops (where it sells more than twice the amount of wine of its nearest rivals, Italy) is largely down to those traditional strengths," writes Williams.

Fraud allegations strengthens Pure Marlborough
A landmark fraud case involving a Waipara wine company is the wake-up call the Marlborough wine industry needs to protect its reputation, a winemaker says. The region is the undisputed powerhouse of New Zealand wine, it makes up two-thirds of the vineyard estate and contributes more than $1 billion toward total exports. Source, Stuff.

Young winemakers drive change
Lauren Swift, head winemaker at Ash Ridge Winery, near Hastings, says while she has a lot of respect for those who have been in the world of wine for many years, it is necessary to think ahead. "Young winemakers are the future of our wine industry." Source, Stuff.

Italian harvest begins 10 days early
The Italian wine grape harvest is having its earliest start in a decade due to the effects of the summer's heatwave and drought. Producers of bubbly spumante in the Franciacorta area of Lombardy, some 80 kilometers (50 miles) east of Milan in northern Italy, officially launched the 2017 harvest on Friday, 10 days earlier than last year. Source, ABC.

Rose category booms
The rosé category has reached a valuation of $389 million — and is increasing. Beer is one hundred times that big, but growth has plateaued. “There’s been a decoupling of rosé from the rest of wine; its own alcohol category,” says Rodolphe Boulanger, vice president of beer, wine, and spirits at Fresh Direct. Source, Money Web.

Record year for English wine
The English wine industry is now worth over £130m a year according to a new study by Funding Options. Turnover for independent producers in England rose 16% from 2015 to 2016, hitting a record £132m in 2016. Source, RTN Newspaper.

China's wine consumption grows with millennials
With more expensive imported premium products and improved margins, industry profits are predicted to grow at 8pc compound annual growth to 200 billion yuan by 2025. Source, South China Morning Post.




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