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News posted on Monday, 7 March 2016

Nugan Estate announces appointment of CEO
Nugan Estate has announced the appointment of John Freeman as chief executive officer as the company looks to the future with a five year plan. Since its expansion into the wine industry in 2001, the Nugan family has grown to be one of Australia’s top exporters and plan to spend the next five years investing their brands nationally and around the world with the help of Freeman.

Penfolds named ‘world’s most admired wine brand’
Over the weekend, Penfolds has been recognised as the ‘world’s most admired wine brand’ by Drinks International in their annual poll, following a successful year of honours. Almost 200 international industry experts including buyers, sommeliers, wine writers, Masters of Wine, industry experts and wine critics took part in the poll which pits wine brands from all global regions, styles and qualities against each other. Peter Gago, Penfolds chief winemaker, said the team at Penfolds were “chuffed” with the global recognition.

Chinese comedian gives Victorian wine producers massive boost in export sales
Victorian wine producers have received a massive boost in export sales thanks to a well-known Chinese comedian. Guo Degang is a major celebrity in China. He owns a string of comedy clubs and has more than 64 million followers on social media site Weibo. He was also named by Forbes China as one of the 100 richest celebrities in the country. Now Guo is going to use that influence to get into the wine business.

Cleanskins and Sauvignon Blanc still very popular at Dan Murphy's
With the release of GR9, a 96 point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Dan Murphy's has told TheShout that the variety and its cleanskin range are still very popular. The GR9 is part of the Dan Murphy's cleanskin range and Peter Nixon, the head of Dan Murphy's wine panel said that the chance to stock this wine, which is produced by one of Marlborough's most highly regarded winemakers, was too good to miss. He also said an increase in global demand could put pressure on prices in Australia.

Desperately seeking closure
From cork tragics to screwcap converts, when it comes to wine bottle closures, the jury is still out on the ideal seal. Despite living in an era of breathtaking technological and scientific advancement, drinkers often face a dilemma when opening a bottle of wine. For all the sweat and tears of the vigneron, there is no foolproof closure to guarantee the wine’s preservation. In 1969 we put men on the moon, so why are wine stoppers an ongoing concern in 2015?

Matua winery on the market, following CEO pay rise
A large Australian company is putting its Auckland winery and vineyard on the market, just days after announcing its boss is getting a $500,000 pay boost. Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is selling its land and buildings at its Matua winery, as well as its vineyard, as it moves forward with plans to move all production to Marlborough.

Police warn of greater grape spill risk on Marlborough roads this harvest
Police are urging heavy machinery drivers and the motoring public to follow the road rules and avoid grape spills this harvest. Senior constable Paul McKenzie, of the South Island Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit, said last year there was a significant reduction in the number of spills. Speaking at the Wine Marlborough pre-harvest information day, on Thursday, McKenzie said this might have been because of a smaller harvest.

EU refusing Japan’s request for use of smaller wine bottles
The European Union is refusing Japan’s request in free-trade talks to allow the import of Japanese wine in bottles smaller than those commonly used in Europe, sources close to the matter said Friday. Japan is asking the European Union to accept 720 ml bottles, which Japanese wineries typically use. But the European Union maintains such bottles would allow Japanese sellers to undercut prices, and demands Japanese wines be exported in 750 ml bottles widely used in Europe and other major markets.

American oak not suited to Cabernet
American oak “does not match” with Cabernet Sauvignon, according to Brad Grimes, winemaker at Napa’s Abreu Vineyards. Speaking to the drinks business on a visit to the UK to promote the Abreu’s distribution in the UK through the Pol Roger Portfolio, Grimes said that American oak imparted a “dill” flavour which was not suited to Abreu’s style of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Italian wine robot gives grapes the mechanical touch
The Italian wine researchers Enosis Meraviglia are making a bold attempt to dominate the world of wine production through the introduction of the Genesis wine robot, which will be responsible for the initial stage of producing wine. “In order to beat the world competition it is necessary to aim for exclusiveness.”

English winemakers target tenfold export rise in four years
Britain's wine producers will get government support for a bid to increase exports tenfold by 2020, Defra secretary Elizabeth Truss announced yesterday following a round-table meeting with industry representatives. The target will mean an increase from 250,000 bottles to 2.5 million, and an increase in value from £3.2 million to over £30 million.

Rivulis Irrigation Finance
Rivulis Irrigation (formerly John Deere Water) is becoming much more than an irrigation manufacturer. A new innovation is Rivulis Irrigation Finance to assist growers purchasing irrigation systems and farm equipment. The finance offering, designed to meet a unique gap in the market, was developed over nine months in collaboration with a major financial institution.

Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference & Trade Exhibition to showcase Australia's best
Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference & Trade Exhibition is Australia’s premier showcase of wine technology, equipment and services, where you can source the latest products and services across all industry sectors, in one place at one time.

In the world of wine, black is the new black
IN the ever-evolving world of fashion, black remains a constant theme when it comes to the highest art forms. Same same in the half-century since Wolf Blass dabbled with his first Black Label concepts, which in its history has won four prestigious Jimmy Watson Trophies. With a few vintages not up to the high standards demanded of the founder and now the Treasury Wine Estates team headed by chief winemaker Chris Hatcher, the Black marks its 40th release this month.





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