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News posted on Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Cullen honoured in ABN hall of fame
In the lead up to International Women’s Day, on Sunday 8 March, the Australian Businesswomen’s Network (ABN) has launched its annual Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame which recognises the achievements of 18 female entrepreneurs from diverse industries. Representing the wine industry is Vanya Cullen, founder of biodynamic Western Australian winery Cullen Wines. Cullen has been inducted into the ABN 2015 Hall of Fame for her “entrepreneurial finesse” as well as her dedication to producing wine for climate conscious consumers.

Vinteloper Urban Winery Project in Melbourne
After three successful years in Adelaide, the Vinteloper Urban Winery Project #VUWP will open for a three night season in Melbourne from March 4, bringing together food and wine in a ritual feast of cuisines. With influences from both east and west, a combination of smoke, charcoal, grapes and oak will deliver a complete olfactory assault. Vinteloper will immerse you in fine wine while culinary tailors Pot & Pan will provide the incredible feast.

Wine industry pushes for flexible, simple labour framework
Wine industry bodies will use an upcoming review into Australia's industrial relations framework to push for a simpler, more flexible set of rules. The Federal Government instructed the Productivity Commission to look into the IR framework, which was welcomed by the National Farmers Federation. Now the Winemakers Federation of Australia and the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) are seeking feedback from industry, to form part of a submission to the review.

Cask party wrap up
At the recent Ask for Cask party in the Sydney suburb of Vaucluse, a crowd of industry figures and wine enthusiasts gathered to wish goon a happy 50th birthday. The organisers, a group of leading wine producers and a packaging company, believe it’s time for the humble wine cask to take its place alongside Holden, meat pies and the Hills Hoist as an Australian classic. Proceedings were bathed in the eastern suburbs’ perpetual mid-morning chardonnay glow. As the speeches began, it seemed cask wine was ready to slip into respectable middle age.

Marketing tipped to be key in wine industry
After years of struggling to be profitable, Australia's wine industry is being blessed by a lower local currency and the export opportunity of recently-inked free trade agreements. But some analysts say if it is to really turn its fortunes around, the local industry will need to transition away from being a bulk supplier of lower value wine and increase sales of premium bottled wines. John Hart, a partner with consultancy group Ferrier Hodson, specialising in the wine industry, says fierce export competition will make achieving that transition a big challenge, but despite that he sees cause for optimism.

Wine company Invivo to use crowdfunding for $2m to fuel growth
New Zealand wine company Invivo is aiming to raise up to $2 million through the equity crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect. Invivo will use the money for international growth and is gearing up for a possible IPO next year. Invivo co-founder Tim Lightbourne said the company was discussing the listing with brokers. "We've been watching Snowball for a while and been really impressed with their approach," Lightbourne said.

An empire built to last
TERRY Peabody's daughter Mary-Jeanne liked working with her father, but she didn't like his industries. With mother Mary, the then 22-year-old did something about it. "We sat him down and wined and dined him. We told him we don't like his stinky businesses - we wanted something that we could be involved in. We all enjoy wine and we would like to go into the wine business." The result is Craggy Range, founded in 2003. Peabody said the wine industry was very, very serious.

Scientists explain how climate change helps fuel California drought
Climate change is increasing the risk of severe drought in California by causing warm periods and dry periods to overlap more often, according to a new study. Rising temperatures resulting from increased greenhouse gas emissions mean warm and dry periods are coinciding more frequently, the study authors say. And that is amplifying the effects of low precipitation. “The key for drought stress is not just how much precipitation there is,” said Noah Diffenbaugh, the paper’s lead author and an associate professor at Stanford University’s School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences.

Bibendum launches a range of wines on tap
UK on-trade supplier Bibendum Wine has launched a range of keg wines, which will be available as of 1 April 2015. The range includes an Argentinean Malbec; an Australian Pinot Grigio; an Australian Shiraz; an Italian Frizzante, Trebbiano and Sangiovese; a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc; and a French Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The keg wine format has been going from strength to strength. In 2014, the number of venues in the US serving wine on tap grew 66 per cent.

Wine Treasury to distribute US based Terlato Wines in the UK
Wine Treasury a London-based speciality wine importer has added Terlato Wine brands Rutherford Hill from Napa Valley and Grace Lane from Washington state to its portfolio. “We are extremely pleased to add Rutherford Hill and Grace Lane to our small portfolio of exceptional North American wines.” Said James Doidge, The Wine Treasury managing director. “We limit our portfolio to wines that we personally like and frankly, that are made by people we like, and for these reasons, the Terlato partnership is perfect for us.”

South Africa calls for bulk wine withdrawal to ‘create value at origin’
The South African wine industry is keen to raise the country’s reputation as a premium wine producer by shifting its export emphasis from bulk to bottle. Origin Wines is one of South Africa’s largest exports, and MD Neville Carew is leading the campaign to bottle locally. He blames the global supermarket trade’s drive to cut costs for the rise in bulk exports that has put pressure on producing countries – South Africa now exports more bulk than bottled wine.

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